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    I wanted to share my experience with a new Spectre x360 in hopes that it might help others. I'm not an expert, so take all this with a grain of salt ;)

    About 2 weeks ago I purchased a Spectre x360 from the MS Store. i7/8gb RAM/256 SSD. It came with Windows 10 preinstalled. Beautiful laptop. However, the Wi-Fi wouldn't connect to my home network. I was able to connect to my phone's hotspot. At that point, I went to support.hp.com, entered the product number from the side of the box, and downloaded the updated drivers. For the next 10 days I had no issues with the Wi-Fi.

    During that time, I did decide that I wanted the higher resolution screen, and exchanged it at the MS store. New machine is i7/8gb RAM/512 SSD. Out of the box experience with the Wi-Fi was identical. Once I downloaded the appropriate drivers using my phone's hotspot, I was able to connect. However, one difference is my Wi-Fi speeds are not great at all. An additional issue with the new machine: it seems to disconnect quite often. I plan on calling HP support about these issue tomorrow. In the interim, I was customizing other aspects and noticed in "Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings" if you go into the change advanced settings, the HP Recommended plan has the power savings turned on for the Wireless Adapter. I set it to Maximum Performance last night, and the disconnects seem to have disappeared. The Wi-Fi speeds seem to be much better as well.

    I'm assuming there is an issue with the W10 drivers, possibly related to security protocols of the actual network. My reasoning is that both laptops connected to my phone's hotspot, but not my home router. At least, not until the drivers were updated.

    If anyone is interested, I'll keep you posted as to the longer term results.
    09-07-2015 09:57 AM

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