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    I recently disabled what I mean is 'Boot thawed' my Laptop to reset time and date to access Goggle and YouTube, but after I finally access to those sites. I turn 'Boot frozen' and restarts my Laptop but it goes installing updates and finishing 5 of 5 after that it begins power on and startup, but I receive this message it repeats itself and can I ask you guys to help me fix my Laptop I dont have a USB and DVD or CD for my formatting of my Laptop. I also use both F8 and use Safe Mode and repair your computer but it all doesn't really work anymore. Here are the f****** images. How to fix it?

    (Sorry I didn't arranged those images properly)

    Area 51 S4
    Attached Thumbnails 20151019_154434.jpg   20151019_154426.jpg   20151019_154410.jpg   20151019_154353.jpg   20151019_154343.jpg  

    10-28-2015 05:16 AM

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