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    Hi all! So, on a clean install I can sit at 100% in sleep for a couple days. Once I open the Mail and Calendar apps and put in my email accounts, it's all over. I'll lose anywhere from 4-6% over 4 or 5 hours. Often more, rarely less. There is virtually nothing else running that I'm aware of. I haven't even installed any programs or apps.

    I've tried setting it to shut wifi off in sleep and it helps a little, but I'll still lose a few percent from sitting. I've also set everything to manual refresh and there is no improvement. I've unsynced my MSN account and only set up my EAS personal email and it really makes no difference.

    Do default live.com/outlook/msn/hotmail accounts use EAS? I would think they would, but I also notice the settings are different between accounts.

    What settings are you all using to maximize your battery life in spite of Windows Mail? I'm thinking perhaps entering it as Pop3 account and putting it on manual might do the trick. I don't really care about notifications. Are there third party mail apps that might be more battery efficient?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm kind of OCD about getting the best battery life possible. Thanks!
    01-13-2016 11:10 PM

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