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    I'm like so excited right now I had to tell some tech people but I'm not excited because I got the 3 TB drives, they came over time but also so did dual SLI GTS 250's, Radeon 1900XT Sapphire(I think), a few other Geforce cards of 512 mb RAM so old stuff really, outdated.
    Anyway, I did get a computer together out of scrap and with 16 GB of RAM collected from the place, I installed the GTS 250 just to see what it did and it does play GTA5 in almost all high settings and it looks and works pretty well. I was impressed it is an AM3 board, I am trying to get the Phenom X6 1100 Black edition which is hard to get and expensive. I do have a 2 GB GTX650 coming that's supposed to support directx 12 so we will see how that does when it get here. Otherwise I'm impressed.
    Though what I finally did with the 3 TB is that everything was a mess and not partitioned well and I wanted my windows install to be separate from everything else in case of ever needing to reinstall it would be much easier, oh and I wanted to switch the drives over to GBT instead of MBR because I read it had higher failsafe procedures in place. So I organized data around and made a system image of my C: drive, and one by one I deleted all partitions, switched them over to GPT and now Iíve got to put in a flash drive to reinstall windows on the main drive so I can delete that partition and then reinstall windows back onto it, after that I just have to reinstall the image back onto my machine and with a few chores left over, that should be pretty much it!
    Anyways, just wanted to share and if you read this far then thanks for reading!
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    02-22-2016 08:46 PM

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