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    Last friday I got the "compute stick" It has the last generation atom processor Z3735F. But for the price (less than $100) it was a much better deal than getting the Intel X5-Z8300. And performance wise, there is not a huge difference. Z8300 has:
    0.2 watts less total power.
    GPU improvements
    slightly faster base speed.
    Really close in benchmarks.
    Slightly faster memory bus.
    14nm vs 22nm

    OS: Win 10.
    Purpose: So I got this as a streaming device without restrictions of apps for my 1080p@60p TV, out goes Sony Google TV, in goes compute stick.
    Input: M$ Touch mouse, Nokia N1 tablet running Asus Remote Link and/or PC Remote for WM10. Even better now, use the Intel provided Remote Keyboard. Bottom line, you dont need a keyboard for the light typing.
    Usage: Strictly streaming device, HBO GO, TNT Overtime, Netflix, WatchESPN, FXNOW, Watch TNT, Watch TBS, Fox Sports Go.
    Verdict: HBO GO works flawlessly in Edge browser on very good quality, little choppy in firefox.
    WatchESPN - works great.
    FXNOW only works in a small area (low res) of the screen.
    Netflix - Works great
    Watch TNT - on the website, live tv works great.
    TNT overtime - Works in edge and firefox.
    Fox Sports GO - Works great.
    DLNA - Tried upto 3GB movie, works great.
    Haven't tried gaming yet.
    Update Win 10 before using.
    It must have the tiniest fan.
    Buy it.

    Let me know if you want to try any apps.


    Edge browser does not forward sound to bluetooth headsets. All the system sounds work just fine, might require a restart after pairing, but that a PITA.
    --Fixed with new update 7March.
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    I got one of these two days ago. Overall I am pleased but the Wi-Fi speed leaves a lot to be desired. Also, only a 87 day warranty (started as 90 on purchase date, with 3 days ship time).

    My primary goal is to replace a jailbroken 2nd generation AppleTV which was used to stream videos from my local network (Windows Server shares), Netflix and occasional Youtube. I'm using it with a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

    The device is about a foot from my AC1200 access point (maybe too close?) and the local network stuff was stuttering, Copying the ISO for 14352 took *forever*. Netflix seemed ok.

    I grabbed the USB3-hub-and-gigabit-network dongle out of my SP3 bag and plugged it in with a cat-5 cable to my gigabit switch. A few seconds later, network speed was blazing.

    Verdict: It is much more flexible than the crippled Apple device. Not only will it do everything the old device did, I can use it for real computer stuff like web browsing, email and office apps. When I'm traveling and not using the home entertainment system, I'll be carrying this with me to use anywhere I can find a TV with HDMI input. And I can probably sell the Apple device, the rare 2nd gen jailbreakable ones go for way over the original cost.

    I need to test this as a Continuum endpoint, since that feature is in Redstone. I'm also planning to install a 64 bit OS on it, "just because" and see how that does.
    05-30-2016 11:49 AM

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