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    I have heard some people complaining about being unable to connect their Bluetooth headsets to their Windows 10 PCs after pairing, I've been down that road my self and the tangible solution I later found out is not shared anywhere on the net (though other solutions are provided, but not quick enough). So, I thought "maybe" someone might need this.

    Unlike Windows 7 where the "connect" button is provided to manually trigger the connection between paired Bluetooth headset and the PC, the Windows 10 misses on this feature, even the anniversary update. The problem is, some Bluetooth headsets when paired with a certain device and then use with another device, they lose the connection with the first device they are paired with, so they need to be manually trigger to be able to connect with the first device. Though the Bluetooth headset will still show as "Paired" under "Bluetooth Devices", but it won't connect.

    To solve this, I mean to easily connect your paired Bluetooth headset incase it fails to connect with your laptop, simply press "Windows key + K key" (Windows + K), a sidebar just like info center will show up at the left side of the desktop window and all paired Bluetooth devices including your headset will be listed, simply click on your Bluetooth headset name among the list and it will connect.

    As a side note, do make sure your Bluetooth headset is turned on before you press the Windows + K keys.

    Graphic demonstration including some details are posted here: How to Fix Paired Bluetooth Headset Not Connecting on Windows 10 | CCNWorldTech

    I don't know the laws that fully bind this place, so admins are welcome to edit or make changes to this post if they will.
    12-30-2016 01:40 AM

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