1. Cuteness Overload's Avatar
    Been trying to decide between the two tablet PCs lately to replace both my laptop and tablet at the same time. I'm not really looking for something high-performance - instead, I'm looking for something with pen input, of which the HP x2 10-p019TU/p020TU has an optional pen to be bought, and the Surface Pro 4. I'm not really considering other models or brands at the moment, and I live in Malaysia. Budget would top out at about RM 4500 (which is basically a bit above the price of a fully kitted out SP4 m3), and I'd prefer to stay comfortably below.

    It's kind of annoying you can't buy a Surface 3 new anymore... that was the thing I was going to buy, but seeing as it's no longer around and there's no Surface 4 any time soon at the moment... oh well, I guess the HP probably fills in.

    Would the Atom x5-Z8350 feel slow in general use, and in drawing, compared to the x7 that was in the Surface 3, or the Core m3 in the SP4? Not going to pursue the highest of resolutions, so I think a canvas where the long side is 2048 pixels large is probably the most I'll be drawing if I'm on something limited. (Of course, if it turns out to have decent enough power anyway, I might go larger.)

    Similarly, would having 2 GB of RAM be enough compared to the SP4's 4?

    It's also quite difficult to find online information about the HP tablet, too. Although I have seen it in first hand and liked what I'm seeing of the tablet as a whole (form, display, ports, most of the perf specs) and the keyboard portion, they didn't have a pen to test it with. How is drawing on it? I'm thinking of making my future tablet something that I'll be drawing on a lot. Currently I rely on pencil and sheets of paper, heh, and the paper eventually wears since I make a lot of mistakes.

    Would waiting it out for a possible SP5/Surface 4/other tablets to start showing up be a better option? Though I guess you could say my patience is kind of running short after holding out for so long.
    02-14-2017 04:32 AM
  2. nizmoz's Avatar
    Well I had an sp4 and sold it. Nothing bad with it but Microsoft service sucked. Worse I have ever experienced in all my years. I had a battery that wasn't charging fully and they wanted to replace it. Well, first replacement was abused with nicks on screen and marks on back. Sent it back. Second replacement had a quarter sized purple permanent circle on the screen. Sent back. Third looked great, stared to configure it and all and it died after 15 minutes. No power. Sent back and told them to stick it. Now I'm trying to find a new one and it won't be from Microsoft. It's obvious they dont check the replacements.
    02-24-2017 09:24 PM
  3. Groover1971's Avatar
    I was lucky enough to get the HP Pavilion X2 12, which is very much like the Surface Pro 4 entry level. It has an Intel M3, 4GB ram, 128GB SSD. The screen resolution is slightly lower at 1920 x 1280 but still very sharp. The best thing is that I was able to get it on sale for $329 at Office Depot. I really love it. I was also able to get the stylus from Best Buy which uses Wacom technology. It's pretty nice. It can output 4K at 29Hz from the HDMI port. I just ordered an adapter which should allow it to output 4K at 60 Hz from the 'DisplayPort from USB-C' and charge at the same time. The keyboard is really nice too.
    03-27-2017 11:25 PM

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