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    In the Android development we would use a USB driver for the phone or device to be loaded in a device manager of a computer is that a BD Android device Bridge and you would use Odin to load the firmware back to the device that makes it fully functional could that same method exist if so where can I find it ask for I have exhausted every inch of Google for any resolvement to fixing this tablet. I used to be able to use a keyboard mouse CD-ROM USB drive with the tablet but now it's acting stubborn and I'm about ready to punch my fist through this dangum thing..... I bought it brand new got two months of use out of it didn't like it try to sell it and all I did was a manufacturer reset to this ugly thing and now refuses to load I take it to a computer repair shop they installed a 32-bit operating system onto a 64-bit operating system and now I have all messed up tablet it just luminates a black screen when it fully boots up we're safe mode flashing in my face
    09-06-2017 08:34 PM

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