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    I've noticed my old router ( 4 or 5 years old and been on since buying), which was clearance item so not newest or latest then, has become a bit flaky. It has had a few connection drop outs and I think is having issue with the number of other routers in my area. I live in an area where there are 5 apartment complex sites on the block, and many 2.4 Ghz networks.

    So I think it's time to dump my Dlink DIR 601 N150 ( wireless N )

    What I am looking at for my next Router is Dual 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz A/C
    TP-LINK AC1750 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router (Archer C7)

    It will get internet from a DSL2 and serve up wireless to a 1 bedroom apartment. I don't do any heavy gaming, but I do need to have good speed between devices on the network. Also I may want to get into adding a NAS so dual USB ports on the model above should help....... Your thoughts?
    02-11-2018 12:20 AM
  2. etad putta's Avatar
    I just picked up a Tenda AC18 from Microcenter for $69. The reviews were very good and i have to agree. Only 1 usb port though.
    02-11-2018 08:48 AM
  3. Greywolf1967's Avatar
    My cheap Laptop HP Stream is 2 X 2 A/C and it only sees 1 other 5 Ghz network, so I am guessing 5 Ghz does not push signal as far out as 2.4, or there is just a lack of newer hardware in my area. On 2.4 the list of networks is rather big.

    How is your connection on 5G ? Better than 2.4?
    02-11-2018 09:03 AM
  4. etad putta's Avatar
    5g has less range but also has many more channels so less interference. 2.4 sucks in apartments. I'm bridged to a router across the street from me at my daughters and I get about 60 download on 5g.
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    02-11-2018 11:16 AM
  5. Greywolf1967's Avatar
    Wow what a speed up !!!!! I am sure after some time it will feel like it did before, but pages load faster and the 5Ghz is quick !!!!! Even my Acer Jade feels quicker when I load an app or web page.

    Even though I am only DSL2 the Wireless A/C makes everything zoom along over the old Wireless N 150, add the old router felt like it could cook an egg after an hour of Hearthstone play...the A/C Router is barely even warm to the touch.
    02-15-2018 11:03 AM
  6. ryanlrobinson's Avatar
    We got an ASUS RT-AC3100 last year, refurbished at a big price cut. I'm not an expert with lots of other tests to compare it to, but we love it. It easily covers not just our house but out to the garage (not a big property, but I was still pleasantly surprised). It's very fast with three bands. ASUS is the only brand, last I heard, that includes VPN Client functions out of the box, and its software is better overall than flashing it with DD-WRT to get that. They release firmware updates often, including recently making it so that you can pair up multiple existing routers to turn them into a mesh system if your house is big enough to need that, rather than paying up a few hundred dollars for a brand new system.

    It is physically large. That's about my only complaint, although in our case it's hidden in a closet anyway. Only one USB port, I think... Honestly that's not a feature we use.

    Next time I need to buy a router, there's a strong chance I'll go ASUS again. It's the first router I've used that I have liked enough to develop some sense of loyalty.
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    02-20-2018 10:03 AM
  7. SX86's Avatar
    I bought a Linksys WRT1900AC v1 a couple of years ago, and it is still going strong today! Linksys isn't providing many new firmware updates, but I have resorted to OpenWRT / LEDE a year or so ago, and it is maybe the best router I'll ever need. Sure...it can be really expansive....but I might not need to change it for another couple of years. The coverage of both 2.4 and 5 GHz radios is one of the best I've seen, and I can reach (tested) speeds of 400 Mbps upload/download on 5 GHz Wi-Fi without the need to be in clear line of sight of the router.

    The newer versions of that router are WRT1900ACS and WRT3200ACM, which are both fully supported by the Open Source LEDE project.

    More details on the LEDE project for those routers can be found here :
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    02-20-2018 10:21 AM
  8. Scott McBurney's Avatar
    Any ASUS router, I suggest AC-3100 (which I own), AC-3200, or higher. They are really great, have every feature under the sun built in, easy to use, and you can even link them together into a mesh network now (and you don't have to buy all the same router for the mesh network). One of my favorite features is that the routers support DDNS and INBOUND VPN, so when I'm at work, I can vpn into my home router to access any devices I have at home remotely (I can even print to my printer at home). The 3100 has two USB ports, one is 3.1, and I think the other is 2.0. I have a hard drive plugged into it which becomes a share on the network.

    Asus is also always releasing updated firmware with new features (like the mesh networking) and bug fixes. I've been quite happy with asus routers over the years.
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    02-20-2018 10:26 AM
  9. drtek's Avatar
    The Linksys WRT32X is the best lower cost out there.
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    02-20-2018 10:54 AM
  10. Elvis7's Avatar
    Asus rog rapture ac5300.
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    02-20-2018 11:30 AM
  11. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    My advice is to just pick up a decent midrange priced router. The cheaper ones will disappoint in the long run and the more expensive ones are overkill. Mesh routers will be only be good as the connection speed and strenght of the primary device. A lot of factors determines getting the best connection and speed out of your router. distance, maximum output from your provider from the modem as your subscription, distance from router/modem to device, thickness of walls (concrete will always lose a lot of connection strength) etc. 2.4 GHz is a better strength connection, but 5GHz is faster and has a less crowded bandwidth, but is only good at relatively small distances from your router.
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    02-20-2018 12:04 PM
  12. midnightfrolic's Avatar
    I got the Linksys EA9500 with 8 Ethernet ports. works great.

    Edit: recently upgraded to Cox gigablast 1gbps. Upgraded to the Netgear CM1000 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable modem.
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    02-20-2018 02:03 PM
  13. baret's Avatar
    I'm thinking of buying Fritzbox-7590.
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    02-20-2018 03:19 PM
  14. Marcus Gonzalez's Avatar
    A router you really need to consider


    I have had netgear, tplink, dlink, and ubiquiti routers/AP's before. Unless you wanna go crazy with ubiquiti the synolgy 1900 and 2600 have been the best routers i have ever used.

    Best build
    Best reliability !!!!!
    Best software!!!!!
    Best speed
    Awesome range
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    02-20-2018 05:31 PM
  15. TechFreak1's Avatar
    As it's just a one bedroom apartment, then you really don't need to go crazy with Wireless AC any N900 router will be more than enough.

    Also if you do get Wireless AC, you will need to upgrade all your equipment to support 802.11 ac. That is one critical factor most people don't consider .

    In a 4x relay, the fastest runner doesn't always win because the team can only go as fast as their slowest team mate. So to win, all members of the team must be able run as fast as each other and of course their competitors.

    I would suggest something ASUS RT-N66U (If I am reading your post correctly, that you already have a DSL2 modem?) as it does have additional features that you can use to extend your network such as a print server, VPN and USB storage support.

    It also has WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise.

    Lastly, 802.11ac is really over kill for a 1 bedroom apartment and you more than likely will be covering more than two adjoining two apartments especially with AC1750 leaving you more than likely prone to man in the middle attacks if security is your concern. So no simple and basic passwords. Heck stay away from WEP as well, WEP should not be even a option in this day and age.

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    02-22-2018 04:15 AM
  16. Greywolf1967's Avatar
    Good tips !!!!

    I went a/c as my Laptop and phone is a/c and I have main PC and Xbox One hardwired. Went with a complex password (letters + numbers both Upper case and lower case), and I agree Wep should never even be an option these days!!
    02-22-2018 08:04 AM
  17. TechFreak1's Avatar
    Good tips !!!!

    I went a/c as my Laptop and phone is a/c
    Ah, fair enough .

    I have main PC and Xbox One hardwired.
    Nice, that's the best solution imo.

    Good tips !!!!

    Went with a complex password (letters + numbers both Upper case and lower case), and I agree Wep should never even be an option these days!!
    That's the way to go and although personally wouldn't disclose what a password consists of lol.
    02-22-2018 09:38 AM

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