1. ptb127's Avatar
    Is there anyway to see WP7 Marketplace online to browse/preview apps?
    10-25-2010 10:53 AM
  2. Dusteater's Avatar
    In the Zune software, under MarketPlace, then Apps. You must have 4.7 or later.
    10-25-2010 11:49 AM
  3. aseddon130's Avatar
    and to download the apps u need to connect your Phone to your PC.

    The Zune software is pretty nice, its 10 times faster than iTunes ever could be.
    11-02-2010 07:41 AM
  4. falconeight#IM's Avatar
    Doesn't work on my mac and that sucks
    11-08-2010 02:27 PM
  5. evilrobot's Avatar
    Doesn't work on my mac and that sucks
    Do you have a copy of windows? i wonder if it would work in virtualbox.
    11-08-2010 04:25 PM
  6. mharr's Avatar
    Do you have a copy of windows? i wonder if it would work in virtualbox.
    Yes, it will.
    11-09-2010 09:41 AM
  7. Smokexz's Avatar
    11-09-2010 02:51 PM
  8. ebadger#WP's Avatar
    To view wp7 apps online, check, out

    Windows Phone 7 Applications and Marketplace - AppsFuze - super cool!

    shameless plug -

    check out my apps on the WP7 marketplace

    1) Fractal Explorer
    Fractal Explorer Windows Phone 7 application - AppsFuze

    2) A+ Times Tables
    A+ Times Tables Windows Phone 7 application - AppsFuze
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    11-18-2010 12:09 AM
  9. jeffa00's Avatar
    I'm curious how frequently that list is updated. It doesn't seem to be current. My app went live a couple of days ago and doesn't appear in the list. I'm guessing either it isn't updated frequently or else maybe I don't show up because I haven't had any sales yet? Don't know.

    Other than that, it is a really cool way to see the apps without having to go into Zune.
    12-02-2010 12:47 PM
  10. jeffa00's Avatar
    I think I figured the answer out to my question about how frequently Bing updates it's list...

    If you go to the "Newest Apps" you can see the date of the newest apps. Today is 12/2/2010 and the "Newest Apps" are listed as 11/29/2010.

    I'm guessing there is a couple days lag for some reason.
    12-02-2010 09:30 PM
  11. sheitan's Avatar
    FreewarePocketPC.net has an online archive of all the free apps for Windows Phone 7 check it out here Free Apps and Games for Windows Phone 7.
    12-04-2010 04:32 PM
  12. gibbyhome's Avatar
    I like the marketplacebrowser.com I think its fast and the easiest to use and it is very up to date, every morning I can go through all the new apps released daily
    It seems like there are 1000 apps added per month or very close to it
    I bet we will have over 5,000 apps before it gets release on Verizon or Sprint
    12-04-2010 08:48 PM