1. taxiroute's Avatar

    may i ask for some feedback on my app which im developing at the moment please?

    it's a taxi fare calculator and covers England, Wales and Scotland so far.

    it's the first attempt at converting my Taxi Fare Calculator for the UK wesbite to a mobile app. the website has been up and running since 2008 and does 10m of enquiries a year.

    i have done a quick video of the initial prototype and am looking for any hints and tips on what you think i should do before the launch onto the marketplace?

    even if you are not from the uk, please have a look. the principle is pretty much the same worldwide?

    the reason i mention the 10m of enquiries on the wesbsite is not for vanity but it sort of proves to me that people do want this type of service. i just think it would be nice to know what you will pay before getting in the taxi.


    01-03-2011 02:49 PM
  2. merrick's Avatar
    that is good. a little feedback for you ..

    1. Turn the brightness down on your screen when filiming! Damn boooyyyyy! :)

    2. the ability to add custom fairs for private hire firms as they tend to have different prices.

    I would happily download this when its available!
    01-03-2011 06:09 PM
  3. taxiroute's Avatar

    Just to let you know the app has now gone live on the MarketPlace.

    I would really love to have some feedback on the app.

    If you have 5 mins spare, please could I ask for you to take the app "for a spin" and let me have some feedback?

    A Free trial can be downloaded here:


    Go on! give it a go. help a poor developer get some feedback on his app??


    02-22-2011 05:47 AM