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    Hello fellow wpcentral members,

    You might like to know that we have a special promotion going on for our app. If you purchase the app Ztitch (from the photo section) and upload at least one Ztitch scene, we will reimburse you the cost of the app (1.29 USD) by PayPal. Just email us the username you used to upload, and your PayPal email address, to Ztitch@live.ca

    Ztitch, pronounced like 'stitch', is basically a panorama maker/viewer that resembles a bit like Photosynth. Anyways, it's located in the photo section so please check it out to know what we mean. It should be pretty intuitive to use. This app is updated very frequently so stay tune for new features. More info regarding it and a preview version here:

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    01-16-2011 06:42 AM
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    Hi fellow wpcentral users,

    Sorry to bring back this old thread, but if you like my app Ztitch, please take a second to vote for it at the Canadian Battle of the Apps. Just click the "Like" Facebook button under my name "Andrew A."

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    02-15-2011 08:04 PM