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    Well, there's a few things, but as updates come, hopefully the gaps will be filled.

    Apps-wise though, I was fairly dependent on my Rexwireless ToDo Matrix software for "getting things done" day to day at work and in my personal life.

    What (if anything) are you guys and girls using in this aspect, and to what degree of success/satisfaction?

    *edit* I've perused the marketplace of course, but am looking for more than a "lists" or "sticky note" application. I want to be able to prioritize by urgency/due date/context etc.

    *edit again* ToDo Today and APPA Mundi Tasks look promising, anyone tried either of these? I don't mind buying apps, just don't want to buy them all!
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    "Clever ToDo" looks alright. Giving it a go.
    02-06-2011 10:07 AM