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    check out this app. WP Bench: Arrive vs Focus vs Quantum [Video] | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

    The WP7 device seem to be pretty close in performance. This is probably do to the near same hardware specs. However it was be nice to see performance benchmarks from everyone. Download this free app and check the performance of your WP7 device. Also, post your results. List you device, NoDo or not, and if you have a MicroSD, list the maker, class and size. This will also give us an idea of how the different cards are performing.

    Here are the results for my Samsung Focus w/NoDo (AT&T, Kingston Class 4 32GB)

    CPU sequential and parallel
    time: 21344 ms
    sequential: 10873 ms
    parallel: 10471 ms

    DATA memory and storage 0.8 MB
    time: 15725 ms
    memory: 13.07 MB/s
    storage: 4.37MB/s

    GPU acceleration / fillrate
    681 frames, avg: 22 FPS
    04-12-2011 08:06 AM
  2. Rich Edmonds's Avatar
    Here's my results on my Samsung Omnia 7 (Three - SD Card: N/A):

    CPU sequential and parallel
    time: 21386 ms
    sequential: 10908 ms
    parallel: 104478 ms

    DATA memory and storage (0.8MB)
    time: 13566
    memory: 13.07 MB/s
    storage: 3.92 MB/s

    GPU acceleration / fillrate
    680 frames, avg 22 FPS

    The only positive I have is the Super AMOLED :giggle:
    04-12-2011 10:07 AM
  3. proctorc#WP's Avatar
    My Results on HTC Arrive

    CPU sequential and parallel
    time: 21267 ms
    sequential: 10861 ms
    parallel: 10406 ms

    DATA memory and storage (0.8MB)
    time: 18608
    memory: 13.07 MB/s
    storage: 2.8 MB/s

    GPU acceleration / fillrate
    687 frames, avg 23 FPS
    04-12-2011 11:41 AM