1. Duct Tape Panties's Avatar
    Looking for a blacklist/whitelist kind of app for Windows Phone, sort of like iBlacklist for iPhone. Is there anything yet?
    05-30-2011 08:21 AM
  2. BWB8771's Avatar
    I'm very interested in finding one too!
    06-01-2011 12:33 AM
  3. alanziadam's Avatar
    looking for a blacklist/whitelist kind of app for windows phone, sort of like iblacklist for iphone. Is there anything yet?

    10-22-2011 04:50 PM
  4. palandri's Avatar
    Can't your carrier block a number from your phone?

    I was getting multiple offshore pharmacy SMS texting with dummy numbers. AT&T had to block it. They said it was a guy on a computer in Africa.

    I was also getting Spanish voicemails from some woman who also had dummy numbers showing up, and AT&T blocked it.
    10-22-2011 05:04 PM
  5. nexus14's Avatar
    Sorry to revive this old topic but I was looking for call blocking functionality after getting a free Windows Phone (trying it out for a bit)

    It seems there's a program for Samsung devices:
    Samsung Releases Call Blocking App For Its Devices | WMPoweruser

    Everyone else is SOL though
    04-16-2012 07:03 PM
  6. abners's Avatar
    I'm very interested in finding one too!
    04-17-2012 10:15 AM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I am interested too.

    I used CallBlocker Professional on BlackBerry.
    04-17-2012 11:31 AM
  8. smoledman's Avatar
    AT&T provides this ability for $4.99/month. Ripoff!
    08-04-2012 05:14 PM
  9. William Gabriel's Avatar

    Presque 1 an après !!! Toujours pas cette application de sortie pour Windows Phone 8??

    Je suis intéressé de bloquer les appels emmerdants...: Winktongue:
    03-09-2013 01:45 PM
  10. Tuan Em's Avatar
    Yeah! 1+
    03-10-2013 08:13 PM