1. Random of Amber's Avatar
    Anyone try this for the Trophy yet?

    HTC 7 Trophy Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG

    I've had one for my original Zune 30 device and it's been fantastic. My only question is how the responsive the Trophy's screen would be with the protector on it.
    06-03-2011 12:36 PM
  2. TheArcaneFlame's Avatar
    I have one on mine and it works just fine. The only slight issue I've had is when trying to place the cursor within text. Because the invisibleSHIELD isn't as slick as the bare glass it's a bit trickier. Other than that, I've had no issues playing games, using apps or controlling the device in general.

    The peace of mind that it gives me having this installed is worth it by far.
    06-08-2011 05:10 PM
  3. camaroz1985's Avatar
    My fiancee has one on her phone, and she thinks it is just fine. I have the universal anti glare protector from verizon, and when I use her phone the screen almost feels sticky to me.

    I have one to put on my phone when I need to replace the current protector.

    One question though, what is the extra cutout on the top of the screen for? My only guess would be proximity sensor, but I don't know for sure.
    10-03-2011 11:55 AM