1. simonnyc's Avatar
    for $9.99!

    Get it while it's hot!

    PS. There is no option to "Try it".
    06-19-2011 09:40 PM
  2. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    Wonder if the beta will continue to work.
    06-19-2011 09:44 PM
  3. Spyral's Avatar
    Ouch. The price point comes as no surprise, but the lack of a trial mode is a serious misstep. I've beta tested the app and while it is nice, it needs some polish. I would have regretted spending $10 on it's current state.
    06-19-2011 10:00 PM
  4. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    it definitely needs polishing. Its very nice, but very laggy. I'd pay the 10 though, if I wasn't a beta tester. Surly they'll address the lag issue.

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    06-19-2011 10:03 PM
  5. jimski's Avatar
    Wonder if the beta will continue to work.
    Still working tonight, but tomorrows another day.

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    06-19-2011 10:12 PM
  6. simonnyc's Avatar
    Knowing that mango is right around the corner with no other IM options for WP7 users currently, it's probably a smart business decision to force ppl to purchase IM+ instead of making a trial version available. As much as I would like an IM client, i think i'll wait for mango and just use sms for the time being.
    06-20-2011 08:17 AM
  7. cdook's Avatar
    10 seems kind of pricey especially with no trial. Mango will bring Facebook chat and MSN which is all I need!
    06-20-2011 08:28 AM
  8. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    Beta still seems to be working. I'll leave my rant about people complaining about the price being too high on the main page. :/
    06-20-2011 08:39 AM
  9. 1jaxstate1's Avatar
    Beta just stopped working for me. Did it stop for anyone else?
    06-20-2011 10:17 AM
  10. Dagolara's Avatar
    On their FAQ they do say an ad-supported free version is in the works.

    Q: Will there be free version?
    Yes, we are going to release free ad-supported version for Windows Phone.

    IM+ Forum • View topic - IM+ for Windows Phone beta: known issues and FAQ
    06-20-2011 02:25 PM