1. firedancer1189's Avatar
    Had it since day one of my Focus and love the app. I have suffered through the bugs like the rest of you such as the live tile update issues etc but overall I think it's a pretty nice looking and well designed app.........with the exception of one thing.

    Live Radar.

    When you animate the map so you can see where the precipitation has been and is going it seems awful choppy. Almost to the point where it's not even worth animating. I am a real outdoors guy and my job is also weather dependent so it's nice to have that sort of live radar feed. On my Blackberry it was very fluid and looked just like you would see on the actual Weather Channel itself.

    My question is do you think they are aware of this and will address it in a future update? I know there are a few other weather apps out there. Do you guys recommend any that have a decent live radar feed on them?

    06-22-2011 03:13 AM
  2. jimski's Avatar
    I have noticed that at times Weather Channel radar is not as smooth as it should be. You can try RAD Now. Its free and all it does is show you current radar. No ads and works pretty well.

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    06-22-2011 09:55 AM