1. Umm Yeah's Avatar
    I stumbled across this site (Buy HTC Accessories, HTC Phones at HTCPedia Shop) which focuses on ALL types of HTC phones. You can use the selector to isolate accessories that work on the Trophy. It was the only place I found a desktop charger designed for the Trophy. Many of the items are generic but at least you'll know they work for the Trophy.
    06-23-2011 01:17 PM
  2. thed's Avatar
    Something to consider about that dock if you haven't bought it already: it's only listed at 500mA, half the amperage of the standard charger. Which means sloooow charging.

    Still, nice find. Do you know how reputable the site is? I'm interested in the 1500mAh HTC battery, but my gut instinct says that it probably won't fit the Verizon Trophy. I don't think I want to spend the $35 to find out.
    06-23-2011 01:42 PM
  3. Umm Yeah's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up about the amperage. I was only looking for a way to charge my phone overnight while I use it as a clock but good to know nonetheless.

    I can't vouch for the site's reputation but it seems to have a lot to it. It is the store part of this site - HTCPedia.com - An Online Encyclopedia for HTC Users and looks a lot like this site. It has forums dedicated for HTC phones and news stories related to HTC. It'd be a lot of effort to fake all that I'd think but they can still be unreliable I suppose. I was just happy to see someone somewhere is selling a desktop charger!
    06-23-2011 04:13 PM