1. lacz's Avatar
    Microsoft should enable people to shop in other European countries and use their credit cards (VIsa and Mastercard are American companies enabling shopping with your credit card in almost any country of the world - the notable exception being Microsoft marketplace)s. I have three scenarios where I have problems:
    - a person using a credit card different from the marketplace to which he/she is redirected
    - a person wanting to use a credit card from a country different from where the live account is registered
    - a person wanting to use a marketplace in a different country from where his/her phone was purchased or where the address on his/her live account is (this is now not possible even with a credit card from the country identical to that of the live account).
    It would also be important that when a new marketplace opens, those who have a live account assigned to this country, can access this marketplace even when before they were redirected to an other one.
    07-15-2011 03:20 PM