1. CJ Thunder's Avatar
    So my Angry Birds will not launch. Black screen, then goes back to games hub after 5 or so seconds. Because MS went with the closed system I can't salvage my game save or progress file and am very upset. It has been this way for a week. Turning the phone on/off and/or taking out battery does nothing.

    My only hope is an update or...suggestions?
    07-18-2011 08:51 PM
  2. Paul Acevedo's Avatar
    Yeah, either wait for an update or delete and redownload the app, which unfortunately wouldn't help your save file.
    07-19-2011 09:02 AM
  3. CJ Thunder's Avatar
    Poop, but there is hope with a update...which will be who knows when.
    07-21-2011 12:33 PM
  4. CJ Thunder's Avatar
    Update did not fix. Had to uninstall and reinstall. Of course all game saves were gone.

    WP7 needs a way to backup settings and saves. Preferably to Sky Drive.
    08-04-2011 01:30 AM