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    Not the best of videos, but enough to give a sneak peek. :)
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    08-23-2011 04:41 AM
  2. Pronk's Avatar
    Some nice stuff there, but my god that fighting game looks like a terrible idea. A turn-based strategy beat-em-up where you don't actually control any fighting directly??? Why on Earth would you go for that as opposed to a proper, Streetfighter-style brawler?

    08-23-2011 07:05 AM
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    yea I agree not the best of videos at all as things like farm animals he is in the menu loading for about 90% of the time puts down what looks like 3 batchs of watermelons and on to the next game. I dont understand what the game is about or how to do anything at this point.

    *the person game some love to the games he seemed interested in*

    just finished watching the video for lets golf he doesn't even play it he never gets out of the menu and moves on..... terrible terrible video on a good note still looking forward to most of these games *put off by fight rivals now sense it looks retarded*
    08-23-2011 07:16 AM
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    Yeah it's a bad video Terrin but thought i'd post it anyway as it gives you a wee idea of what the games look like, even thought he doesn't play them properly. :)
    08-23-2011 07:32 AM
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    lmao oh I liked seeing the games just makes me wonder about people sometimes in the toy soldiers he is hitting the screen randomly and then stops actually looks at the screen and sees the button, I mean really is it that hard to see a button in the bottom left corner that looks like a rocket...

    but glad you posted it as I wondered what chickens can't fly and the fighting game were gonna be like and likely he was able to attempt to play them for about 20 seconds each before moving on.
    08-23-2011 12:16 PM
  6. Jenifer's Avatar
    Thanks for video, and some really glad games!
    08-24-2011 10:32 AM
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    Thanks for video, and some really glad games!
    Always nice to have a peek at new goodies for our phones Jenifer. :)
    08-24-2011 10:37 AM
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    Bring on the avatar awards!
    08-24-2011 10:48 AM