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    Now I have never heard of 8tracks before, but today on my daily routine of checking the what's new section in the marketplace, I found 8tracks. It's basically a radio/mixtape music streaming service. Somewhat like soundcloud. So far, I found it to be pretty good radio app. It's mostly indie but their selection is huge.

    The big thing here is that, this is the FIRST app to feature background music playback. So just play something and leave the app using the start button and music will still continue to playback. I think it does this through zune because you can go to zune and see what's playing. It does jump to 8track when you tap on now playing in zune and in the volume indicator drop down. So check it out if your phone is mango ready.

    I can't wait for other app to be update with this feature, most noticiably,vapor, and whatever else coming *cough* pandora *cough*

    Now we can feel a less crippled than our iphone and android counter part :P

    download it @

    edit: ooh, also just found out it has live tiles picture of the current mixtape play, pretty neat app despite a 5 second ads time when playing a new mixtape.
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    09-14-2011 11:47 PM
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    Thanks for this!

    I run on a regular basis and it's been killing me that there's no background music other than the native player, since i prefer to stream it just to hear different stuff.
    09-27-2011 09:00 PM