1. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Available now. (Free is quite a reasonable price) :D


    Enjoy. :)
    11-30-2011 05:49 AM
  2. TaliZorah's Avatar
    Thanks WeeBear. I had already downloaded it before I saw this post (Every Wednesday is like Christmas for me lol, I love Xbox Live phone games)

    Shuffle Party is a blast!!! I love bowling-esque games. and Shuffleboard > Curling hahah.
    11-30-2011 10:06 AM
  3. martin_strahilovski's Avatar
    So good game, with nice graphic and achievements!
    12-02-2011 06:30 AM
  4. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Yes it not bad for a freebie, nice to see your avatar in a free game, not to mention a few free achievements.

    Can't be bad. Happy Days! :D
    12-02-2011 06:33 AM
  5. justop26's Avatar
    Downloaded it last night, it's a nice game! Thanks for getting the word out, TheWeeBear :)
    TheWeeBear likes this.
    12-03-2011 11:24 AM
  6. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Yes and not being US only like like they normally do (for freebies), i had to shout and scream about it justop26. :D
    12-03-2011 11:27 AM
  7. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Anyone noticed the avatar bugette where he faces he wrong way ?

    He stands with his back towards you sometimes.

    Doesn't affect the game any, but just looks a bit weird. :D
    12-25-2011 04:00 AM