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    Im not implying there is any issue with the App, Im just curious about the reason why. Now my question is about the picture quality differences between the App on my HTC Titan and what Ive seen on an iPhone 4, Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound. For all 3 phones Ive tried it with (friends in the same room to test it, high speed Wifi) I have noticed the image on my phones screen is much more pixelated, dull and sometimes freezes the image. Meanwhile, the image on their phone (of me) is MUCH better quality and rarely freezes. Now, at first I thought it may be camera, the very first test was with my buddies iPhone 4 which doesnt have a very good front camera. However we found even switcbing to the rear cameras made no difference. Then he upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus and his wife an HTC Rezound. All similar front and rear camera quality to my Titan. Yet, the image on my screen is the same, bad, while theirs is quite decent. I really dont think the camera's are the culprit. I did question if the lower resolution of my WP could play a part, since theirs are all much higher resolution, but it looks so bad on my end, much worse than a simple resolution drop should change.

    Does anyone know of any limitation or reason why this difference is so? Has anyone actually sat side by side and tested Tango with other platforms?

    One thing I didnt do was look at my 2 friends phones while they Tango'd each other, to see if there was the same quality as when they talk to me.

    Its not a huge deal, but it was noticeable enough to make me wonder.
    01-02-2012 01:45 AM