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    Just Sharing. :)

    Nokia design chief hints at Lumia phones with NFC and wireless charging

    Well we all like these little nosey insights. :D
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    01-31-2012 12:20 PM
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    I think the writer is jumping to a conclusion based off of a misunderstanding. It is a little off to assume that the removal of the micro-USB cover would also mean the removal of the micro-USB connector. And the wireless charging assumption was based off of that.

    "The removal of the USB connector would imply the use of wireless charging – a system that has already been demonstrated by products such as HP's TouchPad, which had a wireless charging system. A Nokia spokesman said the company declined to comment on future product features."

    The micro-USB isn't going anywhere. It would be nice to have a wireless charging option. But Nokia didn't really hint at it. The "hint" is just based off of a misunderstanding.
    01-31-2012 01:56 PM
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    Maybe, Winning Guy. :)
    01-31-2012 01:57 PM
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    Need to do something my phone packed in at 3pm today a world record and all I was doing was sending a few Lync messages...
    01-31-2012 02:03 PM