1. kenosando#AC's Avatar
    I noticed the only GetGlue app listed on Marketplace is simply a web view of m.getglue.com. I am a novice WP7 developer with one experimental app out on the Marketplace (MetroBible - http://is.gd/MetroBible) and looking towards a bigger project to take on. My original idea was to go for a Twitter application, but there is a myriad of clients out there already, and most of you have found one you love. However, if there are enough GetGlue users who want a real WP7 application, I'd be glad to get started on one. Anyone who would like early alpha access when I have a first working draft ready, feel feel to message me your email address, or look me up on Twitter @kenosando.
    03-28-2012 04:40 PM
  2. Mister Gore's Avatar
    I have been hoping for quite some time for something different and dedicated for GetGlue, so you have my vote :)
    03-29-2012 03:39 PM
  3. JPDVM2014's Avatar
    I'd be interested in one too. The mobile site is ok, but could be better.
    03-29-2012 06:18 PM
  4. wildbohr's Avatar
    I've actually begun work on GetGlue app, which is still in the designing and prototyping stage. I was really disappointed to see the only app in the marketplace was a mobile site wrapper one.
    03-31-2012 04:18 PM
  5. kenosando#AC's Avatar
    @wildbohr - great! If you ever need help with testing or any under-the-hood components, be sure to email me. kenosando [at] gmail [dot] com as I would love to assist any way possible.
    04-04-2012 07:40 PM
  6. wildbohr's Avatar
    I will definitely let you know. I'm putting ALOT of effort into this app, it's going to be my 3rd app entry for Developer Movement and I want it to set a new bar for myself.
    04-07-2012 12:41 PM
  7. justop26's Avatar
    I'm also a GetGlue user! So great to see dedicated devs on our platform.
    04-08-2012 12:40 PM
  8. Duvi's Avatar
    I used to be one... but that's just too much. FourSquare and Viggle (iOS app) are enough for me.
    04-08-2012 12:46 PM
  9. Netro1's Avatar
    yeah, I think GetGlue would be useful :) You can't really have the metro experience with mobile web :)
    04-09-2012 12:46 AM
  10. oral2012's Avatar
    I'd be interested in one too
    04-09-2012 05:32 AM
  11. ninjaap's Avatar
    Yes pls!
    04-09-2012 05:39 AM
  12. Sathanous's Avatar
    I really hope either one of you makes an awesome app. I love GetGlue and would love to help you test if possible.

    05-06-2012 09:30 PM
  13. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I used to be one... but that's just too much. FourSquare and Viggle (iOS app) are enough for me.
    I'm with you. I got a bunch of stickers, but the appeal of GetGlue is pretty much gone.

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    05-06-2012 09:37 PM

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