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    Check out the app: Blade Sports.
    It only has NBA right now.. but promises NFL, MLB this year.

    Very Very Very deep app for NBA coverage.. NFL and MLB additions would be awsome!
    There is a ton of information grouped together nicely.

    Images !!!!
    You have to check out the In-Game Images. This is quite impressive. To see game images you have to click on a recap, or, click on a live game. Yes... the images come in during the game and are pretty good shots too. Yesterday I believe some games had 30-50 images.

    I would venture to say Blade Sports is even better than NBA's offical app, and ESPN's coverage... due to the deep coverage, layout, images, and speed.

    See the description:

    We need more app efforts like this !
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    04-03-2012 07:52 AM

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