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    Hello all!

    I remember coming across a photo manipulation app a little while ago, and I'm trying to find it again, but I can't remember what it was called. All I remember about it was that you would use a photo and then you could layer other photos/patterns/textures, and "brush away" parts of the photo to show different textures and patterns and stuff.

    Anyway, pretty vague, but if anyone has any ideas it would be wonderfully appreciated! Thanks!

    Hope to get in on some good discussions elsewhere now that I'm reg'd!

    04-03-2012 07:30 PM
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    I don't remember seeing such an app, but I will let you know if I come across something like that.
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    04-04-2012 02:41 AM
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    Sorry for the bump. But I think I just remembered a couple things, and I just REALLY want to try this app (I keep kicking myself for never getting it when I saw it).

    If my memory serves me correctly, I remember the icon/tile was mostly black with green mist-ish something? Though I could be completely off. I've tried looking through the photo apps on different sites (appsfuze.com, WP marketplace, etc.), but to no avail.

    Also, if it helps any, I'd say what I'm looking for could be somewhat similar to another app, DECIM8: DECIM8 @ WP Marketplace

    I'll drop it after this. I'm just hoping to find it. Or just some advice on how I might be able to go about finding it otherwise. Thanks!
    04-17-2012 06:59 PM
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    Sorry, nothing is coming to mind :( I tried looking up common terms, but could not find what you were describing. Well, no harm in keeping this thread up; perhaps someone will know what you are talking about.
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    04-18-2012 03:57 AM