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    This app is a subscription and will show up under your app purchases for $2.99 every single month. I've never installed this on my Windows Phone, but my bill shows that they have been billing me since Nov. 2010. I remember, at the time I still had an Android phone and I accidentally opened the Where app that was preinstalled on my device. I alse remember calling ATT immediately to cancel the subscription. Then thought nothing of it. Today, I decided to mess around my account online (looking to upgarde) and I came across my current bill and there it was $2.99 for a Where subscription. Looked back as far as my account will let me (Nov 2010) and sure enough, it was there every month. Called ATT they told me they can only refund the last 2 months and that they will block the app from my account. I feel so stupid for not catching this sooner, but I also feel that it is a very unethical practice by Where. I really wish there was something else I could do. That's about 14 months x $2.99 I will never get back for a product that I've never used and isn't even installed on my phone. :mad:

    TO THE MAKERS OF WHERE: @!c$ %&#!!!!!!!!!!

    So to those that have used or even came across this app before, check your bill and make sure you're not getting bamboozled (does anyone else still use this word besides me?)!!!
    04-11-2012 12:35 AM