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    Bar Oasis is a awesome game that has been on iOS for years. They are just about to release a follow up. I no longer have a iPod touch so I mentioned to the developers (on their facebook) that they should release it on WP7, partly to spite Android!

    Part transcript of comments back and forth:

    Me: "**** off Android/Google...release this on WP7 also!!!"

    Dev: "Hahaha! Other platforms are being looked into, but there're no plans as of yet. Let's see what happens :)"

    Me: " I no longer have an iPod touch and I loved the first game...thats why I wanted it on wp7 so bad!"

    Dev: "Ah, I see. That's a pity. We are hoping to expand to other platforms...Well, not having all different phones is the biggest issue with Android."

    Most people here probably haven't heard of the game if anyone has and likes it, look up Bar Oasis on facebook and let them know you want it on WP7. It seems like the Dev is interested more in WP7 than Android. It is important we voice our opinions to the Devs. Let them know we love their work and would love to see them come to the light!
    05-14-2012 08:37 PM