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    Just trialed all the current "week view" apps available in Marketplace and settled on MyNextDays.
    Its a great app that fills in where Microsoft left off. With just a few tweaks it will be perfect! Will have to use the app for a while longer to see if the backwards search function actually works. I hope so! This was my rate and review:

    Really close to perfect for supplying what Microsoft left out of the calendar! Downloaded to my HTC Arrive after trailing all other "week view" apps currently available. Could have better explanation on how to pin tiles to start screen, but eventually figured it out. Pressing the pin button at bottom of block view (view in last screenshot shown above) - which the pin button and others only show up after pressing back button - also noticed that the save button text is in German (?) At least the icon is universal. For some reason edits in the app aren't saving, but I can edit in regular calendar and the changes display in this app. The link on the About page to the developer's site isn't functional and it would be nice if they had an email link set up. But for right now its a HUGE improvement over regular calendar! I'll upgrade to 5 stars if the developer gets a chance to update!

    I did go to the developer's site on the PC and located a contact us link in english - so time will tell if they respond. All in all at least it offers more FUNCTION to my Windows Phone!
    05-16-2012 10:58 AM