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    Investors Not Impressed

    my background
    Nov 2010 Samsung focus ( from at&t )
    Jun 2012 Nokia 900 (off of craigslist )

    Overall I like the new Lumia's as I like the previous version enough to buy it off-contract. Yes I do wish the 920 had 920 but other than that no major gripes

    However, I have posted before about NOKIA/MS execution and announcing things that are not ready and it seems like the investors were less than impressed with NOKIA/MS

    NOKIA 820/920 Announcments:
    It lacked any meaningful surprise
    It lacked any carrier announcements ( is the 920 a global phone or just at&t ) is it because they are still trying to get carriers to use the device? Remeber Palm Pre Plus got screwed by Verizon when they decided to go with Motorola
    It lacked any specific launch date
    It lacked any information on pricing

    MS Windows Phone 8 announcments

    It repeated the same message they gave in June...."We are not showing WP8 user features now, will show at a later date"
    It repeated the same People Hub message
    It did show how the photo lens feature would work
    It gave no release date on the WP8 SDK ( update, special member status devs get access to this )

    So I ask,

    What is so hard about saying how much your device cost? In the US most smart phones cost $200 so what is NOKIA thinking maybe $400? or $500. It cant be that hard to figure out what your device cost and TALK ABOUT IT DURING THE PRESS CONFERENCE! Motorola just did with their new device today..users can even pre-order!. Apple (%$#@) always seem to be able to figure out how much their devices cost. It just seems dis-organized to not know the simplest things

    Whats going on with the carriers? Did they not know Sept 5th was going on? Does Nokia lack the leverage to get carriers to support their devices. Maybe Verizon doesn't like the deal AT&T got or maybe something else...eitherway, Nokia should have gotten this stuff straighten out BEFORE they had the press conference

    Why is it so hard to get specifics on the launch date. Is MS keeping the release date a secret? Or...
    ...is there some trouble with WP8? What are the reasons for hiding the end users features? Hiding features from iOS/Android...not likely

    By day I am a software developer (c++, c#) and I know how the software development life cycle works. A major company like Apple/Google can not implement features that MS would reveal on Sept 5th and then implement them in 2-3 weeks so it could be in iOS6 or android 4.1.X

    • They would first have to review all their current feature request in their que BEFORE the MS press conference and then add the MS features and rank them.
    • The UI/UX team would have to approve any changes.
    • Then they would have to assign the feature to a development team.
    • Then a test plan would have to be created before coding. Design documents would have to be approved.
    • Then the changes would have to be added to the source code base and branches merged
    • Then test AND THEN regression testing so that no previous feature that used to work...still works.

    This is assuming that iOS and the next version of Android haven't hit the 'pens down phase'

    The point is, MS is not hiding features from iOS/Android as Jelly Bean is out and iOS 6 is 'feature complete' at this time. Now for iOS or Android (k) they could copy features but that would be next year after the holidays
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    09-05-2012 03:42 PM
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    Investors in general are a funny bunch. The market has been incredibly volatile because investors nowadays over-react to every bit of news it non-news.
    09-05-2012 03:46 PM
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    Meh, the launch is still almost like 2 months away. Everybody complained about how Microsoft blew it by announcing Mango features months in advance of actual devices and rollouts and how all the excitement faded because they waited too long. They can't win either way I guess.
    09-05-2012 04:32 PM
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    Share prices go up and down all the time. Seemingly this drop has little to do with the device(s) and more to do with a lack of information on pricing, availability and Windows Phone 8. The unveiling of this information is inevitable, so the price drop (in this instance) isn't that significant.
    09-05-2012 06:48 PM
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    Lol share prices. Let's revisit this discussion in Q2 2013 when the new Lumias have been in market for a full quarter.
    09-05-2012 09:23 PM
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    I guess I don't see what they are seeing? This was a great announcement to me.

    When will it come out? Within 2 weeks of Windows 8 launch
    Carriers? 920 will almost certainly be an AT&T exclusive, 820 probably AT&T and T-Mobile. CMDA variants up in the air.
    Price? Same as the million other high end phones.

    Are people too stupid to understand basic logic?
    09-05-2012 09:36 PM
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    I agree with OP. Something is amiss here.
    09-05-2012 11:02 PM
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    Oh well.
    09-05-2012 11:08 PM
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    Oh well.
    almost thought for a second that your sig was part of your comment :p
    09-05-2012 11:15 PM
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    almost thought for a second that your sig was part of your comment :p
    Lol it should be and in a lot of other topics
    09-05-2012 11:17 PM
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    quote from Charlie Kindel

    Lack of price (from Nokia ) means lack of seriousness by carriers. See my Geekwire post...
    09-05-2012 11:52 PM