1. andrelamont's Avatar
    Can someone please explain to me why my sense of touch and vision can not agree with my rational brain?

    You see, I am eagerly waiting for the next crop of WP8 so on at least 3 occasions I have walked into Best Buy an held the Samsung Galaxy S3 (ativ-s) as well as the HTC One X (WP8X)...

    ...and both times I came away saying they were a lil too big for my taste...BUT WAIT!!

    That doesn't make any sense to my rational brain b/c I have the lumia 900 and just on pure hard numbers they are relatively the same size. I mean we are talking mere millimeters here...not enough to say dealbreaker but I felt like it was.

    This has an impact on me buying an Ativ-S, Lumia 920 or HTC 8X

    I even created some samples on size easy to help me visualize the difference and it makes no sense to someone who bases everything on facts, figures and reason

    Sized Up: Samsung S3 vs HTC One X vs HTC WP8X vs Lumia 900 vs Drinks Can

    So...what is it that my brain is not accounting for when I actually hold a device... because it "ain't" da numbers
    09-26-2012 11:45 AM
  2. Scout_313's Avatar
    While I initially thought that the 920 would be too big for me since I really wasn't a fan of the Galaxy S III, after holding the Lumia 900 in my hands I feel that it will be just fine. While having the thinnest phone out there is great from a technical standpoint, it's not necessarily the best thing when it comes to ergonomics. I found the GSIII and Droid RAZR awkward to use, and in both cases it was because they were too thin.
    09-26-2012 12:17 PM