04-14-2014 10:18 AM
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  1. Shane Colllins's Avatar
    One of my favourites from an Irish perspective just came out for the greatest amateur organisation in the world the GAA Gaelic Games Un-Official | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    01-04-2014 07:33 AM
  2. SomePetar's Avatar
    Definitely VSCO Cam. Imagine the combination of that app and Nokia cameras
    01-05-2014 05:33 PM
  3. clemgrad85's Avatar
    One main application for me, SONOS, an official application for my phone....come on Sonos.
    01-05-2014 05:48 PM
  4. Skynetz's Avatar
    01-05-2014 07:25 PM
  5. mceme's Avatar
    See the apps suggested to Wp . Suggest one too!

    DevWp Suggest | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    01-06-2014 10:36 AM
  6. Wilsen Hernandez's Avatar
    Wolfram Alpha, for sure

    Also Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto III, after they release San Andreas
    01-06-2014 11:19 PM
  7. redsnwa's Avatar
    I just wanna VSCO!!!!
    01-08-2014 12:42 AM
  8. xyronaut's Avatar
    1. Good travel expense app. I've been using 2 different apps from the store, but nothing has satisfied me at the same level as the one I had on android.
    2. Cisco anyconnect vpn
    3. Cisco webex connect
    4. Flipboard
    5. Path
    01-08-2014 01:47 AM
  9. elmacho's Avatar
    5.TR2,SS(512 MB support)
    I would like to see more apps releases to WP the same time they launch on iOS and android.
    01-08-2014 05:25 AM
  10. LeiChat's Avatar
    Sonos (official, sorry 3rd party devs)
    Nationwide Mobile Banking
    Native Instruments Traktor DJ
    Native Instruments Maschine
    Battlefield 4 Xbox One Smartglass (the fully featured version they have for the PC)
    04-14-2014 10:18 AM
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