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    Microsoft needs to focus on getting the "trendy hipster apps" into their store in order to succeed. People that move from IOS or Android to Windows Phone may revert back due to the lack of or the quality of apps in the store. I read that there are third party apps that can be used in place of offical apps but in my opinion they don't compare. Microsoft should focus on getting these mainstream apps as well as letting users know that these apps are coming in the immediate future. I wan't windows phone 8 to succeed but I am afraid unless Microsoft steps up its game that many who buy these great phones will either switch back or buy out of their contracts.

    I switched from an iPhone 4 to a Lumia 920 because I was tired of IOS and they way apps integrate into everyday use. That being said their are some apps on IOS that I absolutely love and miss now that I am on WP8. I used Instagram, Snapseed, Facebook, Square, MyZenfolio, Camera+ EasyRelease, Carbonite and many more that aren't available in WP8 . Being a photographer I post images taken with my DSLR and/or iPhone just to get my photos viewed, and with myzenfolio I have my website in my pocket and am able to show clients photos that are password protected and not visible by people who visit my website. Snapseed is probably one of the best image processing apps available on any phone.

    There are also some things in the OS that are needed such as all Microsoft created apps or hubs should have the speech to text microphone, Bing search needs sorting option as sometimes I only want to search for information that was created today, Multitasking menu needs a close button for apps as well as a lock to open (If I need an app to stay open but due to multitasking limitations it closes when another app is opened that is an inconvenience). We also need an audio input selector for when my phone is linked to my vehicles Bluetooth When I am using the car radio and the phones navigation I can't hear the turn by turn announcements unless I disable Bluetooth but then I don't get the calls over the vehicles Bluetooth system. I could go on and on about my tiffs and as none of these are unbearable I only bring them up because it's what people who move from another platform will expect.
    11-19-2012 04:02 PM
  2. pmmrkm's Avatar
    Facebook group chat is must for me
    11-19-2012 06:55 PM
  3. ammarmalik2011's Avatar
    Apps is a no brainer. But almost everything in Windows Phone 8 is half assed at the moment. People are complaining about the new lock screen not changing wallpapers, reboot issues(did they copy this feature from Android?), no notification centre, buggy live tiles, buggy push notifications, lame integration of social networks (especially the Facebook chat), battery issues etc etc.
    With this can Microsoft possibly hope to compete against iOS and Android? No. We saw how they miserably failed with Windows Phone 7. And the 'its still new' argument doesn't apply. Sorry. You wanna compete with iOS and Android you gotta bring in a WORKING product to the market with as minimal bugs as possible.
    11-20-2012 04:19 AM

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