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    Hallo guys,

    Red Bull provides their App with full Lock Screen customizing.
    But I don't know how to set up a Lockscreen with my favourite "sport" or "athlet". I can just set the red bull "logo" as lockscreen.

    Red Bull MOBILE - Red Bull Media House

    Pls. give me some guidance how to set up a customizing lock screen .... :D

    Krgds Toni
    11-26-2012 05:16 AM
  2. Jason Velocity's Avatar
    Troubleshooting - How do I select the World of Red Bull Athlete lock screen on my Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8? - Nokia - Malaysia

    • Open the World of Red Bull application.
    • Tap on the Athletes and Teams tile on the grid.
    • Choose either Aaron Chase or Mark Webber or Maya Gabeira or Sally Fitzgibbons (only these athletes have a lock screen image for now).
    • Display menu (yellow arrow).
    • Swipe down to Set as lock screen, tap and confirm.
    • Exit the app and lock device.
    • Press power button on the side of the device.
    • Athlete lock screen is displayed.
    The bad news is that only a some athletes work. Aaron Gwin is not currently an option.
    03-25-2013 09:57 AM

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