1. kittshelby's Avatar
    So I just bought my Nokia 920 a few days ago and I bought some apps for the first time ever. I decided to buy a few XBOX live games as well since I expected them to be high quality and worth it. But I later found out that all the XBOX live games I've bought haven't been updated for the WP8 higher resolution and therefore they look horrible; they still work though. But I don't plan to play any of them until they are updated; I paid money so I could get an amazing experience.

    BTW, the XBOX games I bought are:
    -Contre Jour
    -Monster Island

    This is very dissapointing. Does anyone know when these will be updated? Does anyone have any suggestions of some good XBOX games for WP8 that have been updated for the high resolution?

    On a side note: I wanted to buy the game Bounce, since I played the trial on my WP7 a while ago and remembered it was very good. But I decided not to since I noticed that it hasn't been updated since 2011 !! Another dissapointment.
    12-11-2012 02:04 PM
  2. ImAdrian23's Avatar
    I think it will take a while, perhaps on february or later? Before summer hopefully. Until then, try some free apps >Try these<
    12-11-2012 02:23 PM
  3. jhoff80's Avatar
    Honestly, a lot of the WP7 games have been abandoned, and I doubt they'll ever get any updates.

    On top of that, since WP7 games are running in XNA (and not native code) the higher resolution assets might also affect performance.
    12-11-2012 03:19 PM
  4. Slai's Avatar
    IloMilo rocks crazy *** though :| .
    12-12-2012 05:25 PM

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