07-01-2019 12:47 PM
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  1. JPDVM2014's Avatar
    With the new T-Mobile announcements, I'm thinking about switching from AT&T to T-Mobile. I am still undecided about whether I want to take my Lumia 1520 with me or "upgrade" to a Note 4. With the new Jump On Demand program, I may pick up the Note 4 just to test the waters, and then come back to the MSFT fold when the new flagships are released. That is if T-Mobile even offers them. That is the one problem I see. T-Mobile isn't really known for offering any flagship windows phone devices. On the other hand though, by the time I save up the money to buy a Windows 10 mobile device outright, maybe some more apps will have made their way over. I guess, worst case scenario, I sell the Note 4 and revert to my 1520. Anyway, I may or may not be leaving. No matter what, I will still be around. Windows Phone is my ideal OS, if only they could get more apps on board.
    07-14-2015 11:30 AM
  2. forenuser's Avatar
    Hi Folks!
    So here is my little story...

    I started with a Palm Pré and "Pre Central / webOS Nation" in 2009. Lovely little device, that's for sure.
    After that german Pharmacist finished Palm i moved to Android, starting with a Nexus S, folowed by a Xperia Z, Z Tablet and finally Z Ultra.
    Anyway, Android started annoying me with thinks like missing read permissions on external SD Cards, double swipe to unlock and some things more. It felt that Android just did not fits anymore.

    So i moved again, this time to Windows Mobile and a Lumia 640 XL DS.
    I was surprised how well Windows Mobile works on a mobile device. Of course, there are differencies and i miss some stuff. But after the first few days i am faithful. And i hopefully find a mobil home for more than a few years...

    The Lumia 640 is much smaller and lighter than the Z Ultra and has just a HD display. On the other hand, Dual SIM is just great.
    And i would love a proper replacement for PowerAMP. A player that orders by and skip thru directories and filenames. QuickPlay Pro misses the latter. And a contact manager that allows me to create and (re)-name labels. How could Microsoft miss that point?

    Well, i hope i was not annoying anyone now!
    Thanks and best regards!
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    07-15-2015 07:26 AM
  3. anon(9226130)'s Avatar
    I'll leave WP as soon as possible, and I move to Android. I found 3 good phones: Samsung Galaxy S3 NEO, Google Nexus 5, ASUS Zenfone 2 (the 4 GB RAM edition). And I don't know what is the best choice.

    Reasons why I leave WP:

    - No official apps in the store for lot of things.

    - The 3rd party apps are full of ads or in-app purchases. If not, we need to pay for the app.

    - OS limitations.

    - A lot of game/app on iOS and Android aren't on WP.

    - Android is have more personalization options. (Rooting, custom roms and launchers, icon packs etc.)

    - Android is stable as WP. (For me. I have an Android tablet and it's not freezing or restarting)

    - You can easily sideload apps right from the phone.
    07-24-2015 06:06 AM
  4. TeknoBlast's Avatar
    I've also been very undecided what to do. I really want to stay with Windows Phone and been with this OS since the first day. Not having some apps does start to weigh on you, but I've toughed it out. I really hope WIN10 turns things around.

    I currently have the HTC One WP and I'm loving it. If I ever move onto something else, it will be an Android. Most likely a Galaxy Note since I like big phones.

    We'll see when everuthing goes down. My next upgrade doesnt happen until November or December.
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    07-24-2015 09:49 AM
  5. resle's Avatar
    I have been choosing MS products over anything else for about 25 years now. DOS over Unix, a Windows PC over a Mac, replaced my original iPhone with the very first Windows Phone I could find, and so on.

    I regret none of my choices - except, now and finally, the Windows Phone's one. Enough is enough.

    MS products always had quirks, that I (and many among my friends and colleagues) accepted as part of the price to be paid for complex software packed with a plethora of features. Some of those quirks even gave MS software some kind of ... personality. Some of those quirks could be leveraged to achieve superior control.

    With Windows Phone those quirks are just irritating, and making one's life miserable. And things aren't changing for the better. I stuck with WP since the very first release of WP7 and I'll save my whole history of frustrations - but now I have a Lumia Icon, which I run on WP 8.1 / Cyan. This should be flagship hardware with software that has been stable for a few years. And yet:

    (When it comes to software I'll mention only core apps flaws)

    - The clipboard doesn't keep text for more than a minute or so, after which it vanishes.
    - The translator doesn't let me copy text. It sends me to look for an external clipboard app.
    - Pasting text into the translator adds some garbage to it, always. Sometimes it's stuff such as plaintext function calls from some DLL...
    - The battery lasts for some 5 hours, barely
    - The phone gets scorching hot when using the GPS
    - Cpu? Gpu? Where are you? GPS Navigation is stuttering and all but smooth. It was silk smooth on a meager iPhone 3gs.
    - The email app doesn't give notifications for sub-folders
    - If the main account encounters some sync problem... you're stuck. You have to reset/refresh the phone. Sort of "just reinstall Windows"
    - Internet Explorer renders horribly even core Microsoft websites such as outlook.com!
    - That "back" button... are there two apps using it in the same way? Sometimes the use is inconsistent even WITHIN the same app (IE: Notes)
    - Some core app uses your account's locale as a source for localization. Some other uses your phone settings. Some has an internal setting. Some will just use your geolocation by default.
    - Camera: unbelievably slow before the Cyan firmware. After a 2 years wait, it's decently fast, but still lousy compared to 2-generations old iPhone.
    - Bluetooth works pretty much randomly
    - When the battery dies, date and time will reset to something completely random. Every single time it's different.
    - Apps won't mantain their state - with some very rare exception, even just briefly backing off from the app by pressing the back arrow will reset it to it's "just opened" state
    - Many apps require you to log in through this flimsy web login, again - disregarding your main account. Skype, just to mention one.
    - Crashes and reboots are just common. You learn to live with them.

    I want to end the list here even if there's a lot more. And I see fundamental issues I didn't even mention, such as the utterly inconsistent UI, getting even worse in Windows Phone 10.

    Who wouldn't give up at this point?
    Any other Icon user with the same experience(s)?
    07-25-2015 06:53 AM
  6. Ian_Superfly's Avatar
    I fear MS gave up and are about quit the phone business to focus on services like Windows/Office/OneDrive/Azure/Xbox etc.

    They do not show our phones ANY love at all. What we seems to get is left overs from Windows 10 (via universal apps) but if that will work as poorly as Windows 10 apps works on tablets it will not be a success.

    When I bought the Lumina 920 we had unique things like Office, SkyDrive, OneNote etc and this was not available on Android/iOS.
    These apps/services are today provided by MS to the competition and they are actually more pleasant there then on the WP (WTF!). AND, now with the new focus on services, why care about phones? What would MS gain more if people use Office on Windows compared to iOS?

    Universal apps? Somewhat cool but who is it really for? How will it increase the usefulness of a Windows phone compared to what iOS/Android has?
    iOS/Android has all the functionality and all the apps already (partly thanks to MS...). What should we "sync" with universal apps that can't be synced on iOS/Android today?

    Continuum, wow, its a cool thing! But really? Will it make any difference? And, when the phones are powerful enough to be able to run office applications multi tasked and windowed at full speed, do we honestly believe that Apple/Google will not have something similar?

    No, I think MS is about to jump out of the phone business. Therefore, my next phone will most likely be the iPhone 7 (or whatever they will call it)

    OR, could you give me arguments why I should not switch? Is there anything "real" that I would loose?
    (I will gain a lot of more opportunities and also more love from MS...)

    P.S I do not blame the competition, I blame MS for giving up and giving their candy to the competition at the same time they let WP rot in the dark.
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    08-01-2015 08:21 AM
  7. hexacore's Avatar
    Hi guys, i hope y'all having a great weekend.
    So just yesterday i switched back from a Lumia 930 to a Galaxy S6 and i'm loving my desicision with no regrets at all.
    Using Android once again made me realize how much i was missing out on apps and social media.
    Microsoft's ignorance is so big that they update and release their own apps on other platforms before windows phone, so do you expect from a company like this?
    Stop wasting your time if you're a loyal windows phone user cause you're missing out and left in the shadows and MS couldn't care less.
    So after using windows phone for 7 months i must say that i loved every single bit of it.
    The smoothness and the cool tiles of ths OS has made it unique and pleasant but the lack of quality apps and regualr updates for existing ones has become way to big to ignore and i just exploded and made the switch back to android.
    With that being said my work is done here, thank you guys for everything here at WC and now i'll be in Android Central 😏.
    So long folks 👋🏻
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    08-08-2015 05:22 AM
  8. gpobernardo's Avatar
    It's unfortunate that the situation has called for drastic action on your part. However, we are all entitled to our own opinion and choices.

    See you over at AndroidCentral then.
    08-08-2015 05:49 AM
  9. sup3r1or's Avatar
    Hello everyone ,
    What I'm going to write here is strictly my opinion, I do not try to persuade anyone in anything but just want to express myself and maybe get your opinion.

    Now over the course of my life I have owned many phones starting from Nokia 3310 to modern smartphones. I have used, Symbian, Blackberry OS, Android and iOS and for a full year Windows phone 8.1.
    Having spent a couple of years on android and before that on Blackberry Bold then moving to Iphone 4S and then to Android again. Last year I decided to get a windows phone because it looked great, used resources quite well and I absolutely fell in love with Lumia 930. Over this year love slowly became less pronounced and then it started to turn to frustration. A lot of things feel half-baked, some features are very clever, but experienced is a mixed bag.
    Now for next phone I will go for Note 5, still will keep this Lumia 930 as a backup phone. Here are some of my frustrations:
    1. The software is stable it doesn't crash often but some things **** me off, when I suspend app and then go back to it a few seconds later, I get greeted by annoying LOADING.... or RESUMING... and it can take anywhere from 1-2 seconds to 15 seconds or longer sometimes it will just hang like this.
    2. Lack of apps and those that are there seems devs never bother to put any decent features in compared to IOS or ANdroid counter parts, and it goes especially true for fitness apps like Runtastic, MapMyRun and so on. Sometimes, I have nothing even close to official app as an alternative. Even facebook is so poorly done on WP. Why cant I edit only certain posts that I make (just one of many annoying things).
    3. Live tiles, sometimes just wont update, does this always have to be fixed with reset of the phone?
    4. Options menu is just a mess to get to something, scrolling pages and pages or options. Quick settings only 4 buttons, now I know this will be fixed in WP10 but maybe a little late?
    5. Changing system language or adding more languages always needs a restart? Come on.
    6. Limit to 30 apps that can be suspended in background and finding which ones are allowed which ones you want to be able to suspend.
    7. Huge list of apps to scroll through when you installed an app and need to find it to put it to start.
    8. This might be just my things, but why in night mode my alarm does not go off?
    9. Half baked email app if you connect to your gmail/yahoo mail.
    10. In most messaging apps, I will get notification and preview of message, but when I open app up to 30 seconds there is nothing there and then bam message shows up. What's App, Kik, Line, facebook messenger.
    11. Browser - this is horrific experience by this time, a lot of websites do not format properly, or lag or become almost unusable at time, stuttering while scrolling with nothing more than a few pictures on the site and text. Scrolling down sometimes just gives white screen for up to 10 seconds. Downloading files like podcasts often you have no idea how long will it take, plus once the screen times out in 9 out of 10 times download will stop. Yes I can use podcast app BUT often when you stop it go back in to resume the podcast it will load it for 30 seconds then just drop it to very beggining.

    Now onto Lumia 930 itself:
    12. Battery life has been really poor. Charge full, play for an hour just reading news, sending some messages and I can kill most of my battery. I often have to plug in just after lunch. I do not play games on phone. My usage is usually messaging and reading. I have my old 2 year old HTC One M7 (which broke many times and spent 5 months in total in repair) has better battery life, I can go on with same usage almost full day.
    13. Camera, this is probably the most annoying one. During day it takes amazing photos but any low light/evening environment is very bad. We went with my wife and my daughter to the restaurant once, it was by no means dark just a little dim. I could not take any decent photos, dark as hell and grainy pictures. My wife had IPHONE 4 (2-3 year old phone) and took great pictures.

    Last 2 months was really tough and sometimes it just drives me up the wall. I downloaded music from soundcloud and music player just won't see it until I restart the phone. It is those small little things that all come together.

    I hope I didnt upset anyone, I have tried WP10 and I saw how fast and fluid it is (and buggy) lots of new things there but I think it might be a little late for me to sit and way or invest into another WP handset.
    08-15-2015 06:08 AM
  10. 2526's Avatar
    I have NEVER written anything about technology, reviews, etc. and am by no means, overly tech-savvy.

    I love Windows Phone. The os worked, it was precise, integrated things well, and did the mobile thing (in my opinion) better than Apple or Android. Apple wants your money. Android (Google) wants your information. Windows.......probably wants both, but, offered up Office integration, email, xbox services, etc .

    Again, never contributed to a tech forum but....Groove Music? I have purchased an xbox music subscription (Pass) for the past two years. I never thought I needed to actually own an Xbox. Their name change is for marketing only, not "brand" confusion.

    We all rent movies from "Redbox." Did anyone ever think they needed to OWN a Redbox to rent a dvd? Microsoft's poor music market can not be solely blamed on a video game console.

    I could write at length, however, the heart of it is, I LOVED Windows Phone. It made sense. I am over 40, do not use a ton of "apps" WILL pay for a SUPERIOR camera vs. a year of Amazon Prime. vs. a streaming music. Apple devices and architecture will phase out over time.

    At this writing, Verizon, Tmobile, Sprint, etc. have ended the "contract" phone. I appreciate WP has been successful in many non-US markets, however, I can no longer support the platform.

    I love Windows Phone and have owned a 925, 521, 630, 635 & 640. Yet, they roll out "Grove" music for iOS and Android, and DO NOT offer it to xbox music paid subscribers.

    08-15-2015 07:59 PM
  11. LiquidLearner's Avatar
    Let me start off by saying this isn't an "I hate Windows 10 Mobile" thread. I actually really like the overall direction of the OS. I love the new fonts, the new action center and tons of other little features about it. It makes it pretty much impossible to want to go back to WP 8.1. I also think Projects Astoria and Islandwood will be great boons for the platform and allow it to make up some necessary ground.

    However, I suppose it's time I had a reality check. Do I like Windows 10 Mobile enough to continue to hold onto my Lumia Icon indefinitely? I don't think so. I'm really dying for a new device. I was good with waiting until the official release date for the new MS phones. But it seems increasingly less likely that the 950/950XL will come out on Verizon. I also haven't seen anyone else releasing a flagship phone that will be running Windows 10 that I think will be worth an investment. HTC? I doubt it, and if they do it will be a rehashed M9 that I could have bought 6 months ago. Samsung? Fat chance there will be anything exceptional there either.

    So, despite holding onto hope all these years since I bought the HTC Trophy, and even the old WM6.5 flagship the HD2, it looks like I'm back to searching for a new home. With Cortana and the other MS services moving to Android it's starting to look more and more like that's where I'm going. The Note 5 looks pretty tempting. But it's very frustrating because I don't WANT to change to another platform. I have been quite happy on Windows all this time. I know there have been setbacks and frustrations in the past but to finally get the OS to where I always thought it would end up, and to take so long to get here, only to get shafted because of my carrier? Verizon's service is far too important for me to walk away from to get the phone I'd like.

    I really wish there were a better option. But it looks like I have to come to grip with reality and just accept that I'm going to end up with an Android phone. And every day I delay is more money I'm paying towards the Icon that has no future it seems. Let's hope that MS does something with a Surface Phone next year to make sure it lands on Verizon. But as it stands, I don't see that relationship improving anytime soon.
    08-24-2015 12:55 PM
  12. eXceeded's Avatar
    So I've had a Windows phone now since the 1520 came out about 2 years ago, and over that period I've had a great experience with Windows Mobile itself.

    I love the apps, notably "tubecast", anything by Rudy Huyn, etc. they all look great, work well and offer different features to the Android and iPhone versions.

    But today I've had enough... Over the years I've smashed the screen twice and ended up buying 2 new devices (over time) due to Nokia Tech Support deeming the device BER (beyond economical repair) citing reasons such as "Motherboard getting too hot", "Sim card tray missing" and others.

    Well I had sent one of my devices to get it's screen repaired a few weeks ago for them to return it (and my money minus the admin fee) and state that it's BER... AGAIN. Any issues with "motherboard getting too hot" is surely a warranty issue or device issue outside of cosmetic?

    I'm a Microsoft fanboy through and through but I'm just done, I've had multiple iPhones for work (better signal, higher dBi) and Apple have no issue replacing whole devices for the cost of the repair.

    I would understand if this was a one off but now I've just had a "sim card not found" error on my last working 1520 and whatever I do I can't resolve it. Replaced the tray with the other ones I have to no avail.

    So I've taken the plunge, and now ordered a Sony Xperia X5 Premium and don't think I'll be going back to Microsoft/Windows Phone.

    Maybe in a few years, but having spent well over £2k on devices and repairs I'm just done.

    EDIT - please don't talk to me about screen protectors, been there done that, makes the damage worst from what I can tell (rather than the screen smashing everything else underneath does) - two different brands!
    09-08-2015 05:28 AM
  13. tdavi82's Avatar
    Ive been a fan of Microsoft products since Windows 7. When Windows Phone came out I got a Samsung Focus the first day it came out. I loved it. I then got a Lumia 900 then 920 and now I'm using a 1520. Windows 10 mobile has been a complete let down. Not because of the glitches but the wow factor is gone. The features in the OS are an improvement, but the animations and navigation feel blocky.

    Here is the part that kills me. Microsoft's Windows Phone native apps are on other platforms and run much better. Office apps are functional and gorgeous. Onedrive gives weekly email updates on your uploads. Load times are faster and the apps run smoother.... now do a side by side comparison on Android and w10m and Windows Phones look like cheap android knock offs. Let me repeat that, Microsoft apps running on Microsoft's mobile OS look and feel like Android knock offs when compared to their android counterparts.

    Now take popular apps like FB, FB messenger, twitter, etc. They don't feel like Android apps. They are more like beta versions from years before released only to shut the windows community up.

    Am I wrong in any of this? Is Microsoft treating Windows mobile like dead weight that it can't get rid of? I don't want to switch OS but my years of being a MS fanboy are fading.
    09-19-2015 07:10 PM
  14. KarateHottie93's Avatar
    I just don't get it. Why can't Microsoft iron out the bugs better? It seems every single build there is a more critical bug that makes using the phone impossible. Last build it was that I couldn't use drop down menus without it reloading the page, making filling out documents online impossible. This build is even worse by reloading every other page I sit on for more than 15 seconds. It's not even all beta build either.

    Throughout 8.1, I got random browser crashes and shutdowns daily. I'm just so sick of it. Microsoft owns Skype and yet we can't even get a good app for it. I don't even care about Cortana and leave it turned off but I guarantee that Android will get a better app for that too. I love all these great things being added with 10 but I want a functioning device and I'm not sure that will ever be possible with Windows Phone.

    Sorry to come on here and rant like this. I have stood by everything Microsoft did with their phones for many years now but I'm just so sick of the terrible support and the fact that they care more about the Android community than their own.
    09-20-2015 07:21 PM
  15. xandros9's Avatar
    Not sure those were normal, but regardless, I think you'll enjoy Blackberry.
    09-20-2015 07:52 PM
  16. KarateHottie93's Avatar
    The updates just made them worse for me on my 1020 and 1520. The last time I had a Windows Phone device that was free of bugs that hurt it's use as much as that one was 6.5.

    I like the Windows Phone style more but it keeps letting me down.
    09-20-2015 11:37 PM
  17. XWolverine's Avatar
    Being a fanboy of Windows Mobile and having hands on experience with various Lumia series for more than a year and my gorgeous Lumia 920 being dead now, it was time for me to rethink what next substantial update Windows Mobile 10 will bring so that i would rather be buying a Windows mobile again.

    Reason why I bought Windows:

    1: The design factor and display from Nokia (till 830) was just amazing with 2.5D glass, (which Microsoft ruined it with flat and low resolution displays with curvy edges just similar to dumb looking Samsung phones and Iphone which cannot be anymore recognized easily{535/640...etc etc)

    2: Fluidity and zero lagginess in UI even after installing tonnes of apps which i boasted about to my friends when after installing only few apps their androids used to Lag’razy or else by sending large strings of emojis to them which made their mobile behave lunatic had made them convinced to buy windows phone.

    3: Quality of Apps-like Whatsapp on windows is just so beautiful then any other OS

    4:Features like Cortana and Here Maps were just awsome and made me a proud user of
    Windows Phone and helped me zip up the android fanboys.

    5:Security which is best than on any other platform

    Then Microsoft started rolling out all of the premier apps for android which were just meant to be exclusive for Windows Mobile such as Cortana support,office support,Here maps (Nokia) etc.
    -Also there are no feature advancement in any new Windows 10 builds and seems like there wont be any except Continuum and hello-which is limited to new flagships

    -No support for true multitasking Cant even download a song without unlocking screen or in background (As per Microsoft they will support Edge browser for background downloads but that doesnt seem to be in near future)

    -Goove Music:Again a bad attempt from Microsoft!

    -Universal apps: Seriously? Why do we need universal apps? Can we run .exe apps NO!!

    Why cant we have apps which are there for Android in Windows Style?

    Why do we need to bridge the apps?Even though they look beautiful still they are Android and Ios apps and has their own UI not the Windows!

    Google Android with Marshmallow update promises more security than ever and has becoming lesser to zero laggy on high end devices

    Request:Microsoft Stop Killing Windows Mobile with your dumb designs and support for other platforms rather than your own.

    We need and hope to have some good features from Microsoft for Windows Mobile!

    For now I feel Windows 10 is and will remain in beta for a year.

    Till then i will be going back to Android with Windows Mobile 10 launcher having Cortana ,Here Maps and Mix Radio installed on my new Nexus device!
    Hope Microsoft comes up with something premium which remains exclusive to windows phone.

    All the best users!!
    09-21-2015 08:21 AM
  18. Pete's Avatar
    OneDrive, Cortana, Office, etc were never exclusive to Microsoft Devices. Microsoft has the foresight to create and maintain customers regardless of their choice of platform. HERE services isn't (and wasn't) owned by Microsoft.

    How many apps do Apple make for Windows?
    How many apps to Google make for Windows?
    How many apps do Apple make for Android?
    How many apps to Google make for iPhone/iPad?

    How can making apps for other platforms be anything other than a win for Microsoft?

    Windows 10 Mobile is a quantum leap above what came before. I'm not sure you can say the same about Android/iOS.
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    09-21-2015 08:42 AM
  19. libra89's Avatar
    If you have to ask, the answer is already clear, I think.

    That aside, why would Continuum be on a value phone? That doesn't make any sense to me. Microsoft is a software company (primarily), so it only makes sense to provide other platforms support as well. That's kind of like Microsoft only allowing for the Surface to have Windows OS on a tablet and no other OEM can have it.

    If you have to switch, go ahead. You can always return someday.
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    09-21-2015 08:44 AM
  20. seb_r's Avatar
    Pretty useless thread. Seems you not got it that MS is a software company that need to keep their business running. It is just normal they support and serve other more popular platforms.
    I agree with the points like multi-tasking, groove music etc. Also it indeed seems W10M will remein beta forever because they not put so much effort into it as for the desktop version. But again thats logical because in desktop market MS is still number one.
    09-21-2015 09:24 AM
  21. Pete's Avatar
    Windows 10 Mobile won't always be in Beta state. You're assuming that when it goes live in the autumn, that will be it.

    It doesn't work that way. Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile will continue to evolve and change over the coming years. Don't assume that what you see right now won't change.
    09-21-2015 09:34 AM
  22. mariusmuntean's Avatar
    things will change in desktop and mobile but you can't simply release a beta build for public and call it ready for productive use! Donn't tell me that on PC windows 10 is free of bugs, working as it should, polished etc. Not even live tiles are working correctly, and the store app is a mess. So yes, he does have a point that windows 10 is a never ending beta.
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    09-22-2015 07:13 AM
  23. XWolverine's Avatar
    If I have all the apps running from Microsoft on Android with better support than Windows Mobile itself then I dont find any reason to stick to cury looking dumb cellphones (I am talking about 2015 series except the ones built by Nokia).

    Ethernet over Internet??Really??...Why in the age of WiFi we need that?
    When it comes to hardware support like USB OTG and others Microsoft is way too behind in the race.

    Continuum??-I dont find any reason to use my TV as my Laptop.
    Almost Everyone owns one...Be realistic-If one has Smart TV or HDMI supported TV wont will he have a Laptop?

    Who wants to play with wires or edit documents on 42 Inch screen.
    Its like either you buy High end phones or stick to functionality limited low end cellphones.

    All have their own choice..I was a Microsoft Fanboy but Microsoft has taken a wrong step specially when it comes to design and universal app support..I hope to see Microsoft doing well so that i return back to my Lumia's.

    But for now it seems a long way to go!!
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    09-23-2015 10:15 AM
  24. Bataar's Avatar
    I've been a die hard Windows Phone supporter since the platform launched in 2010, but with my Lumia 1520 finally giving up the ghost, no Windows Phone upgrade currently available and finally having a number of apps/services I really want to use that are unavailable to Windows, I made the switch and got a Galaxy Note 5. Originally, I wanted to wait until the Lumia 950s come out so I could get an accurate comparison, but I just couldn't wait anymore.

    Anyway, so far the process has been mixed, but generally leaning positive. Windows Phone has some features that I'm shocked that Android doesn't have. Maybe there are other apps available that I haven't been able to find yet, but I'm shocked that some of it isn't integrated into their OS yet. Mainly, Cortana is flipping amazing. Yes, I have the Cortana app on my Note, but it's not as functional. Not by a long shot. It currently doesn't support any voice features. From the start, with Windows Phone 7, I could do complete hands free texting over my bluetooth headset. Someone would text me and I'd get a notification and it would ask me to read it or ignore it. If I chose to read it, it would read it and give me the option to reply. Android, at least natively, does not support this. If I get a text, while wearing my bluetooth, the phone plays the notification sound I have for incoming texts and the LED turns on to indicate I have an unread text. If I'm driving and the phone is in my pocket, I'm SOL. If anyone has any tips on how to get this functionality, in Android, I'd love to hear them.

    The amount of bloatware is also horrendous. Because Android is based on Linux, it uses packages that for most people, are probably impossible to determine their purpose. I had to buy an app that scanned all the packages, to notify me which ones were bloatware and could be disabled. Yes, Windows has bloatware but you can easily uninstall any app you don't want. If there's a deeper level to Windows Phone I'm unaware of it because I simply never needed to access it.

    Overall, the phone is impressive. It's very quick and I find myself using the stylus far more often than I thought. Having access to all of the apps and services I couldn't use before is also a very big positive. However, I'm still shocked that Android lacks what I consider, very basic, voice functionality. If I find anything else it's missing, I'll definitely post.
    09-23-2015 12:27 PM
  25. ultravi0let's Avatar
    It doesn't work that way. Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile will continue to evolve and change over the coming years. Don't assume that what you see right now won't change.
    Yeah, that's what they said of windows mobile 8 and 8.1. While I admit I loved how intuitive the UI was, it was nothing more than broken apps and a better tomorrow which never came. Add to that a horrible upgrade experience and complete lack of remote services (storage, printing, etc). The icing on the cake was android and iOS run Microsoft office apps MUCH better than my 1520 and 920 ever could. Not to mention I bought the damn things to sync with my exchange server - which also could not be done. Let's not even get into how fragile the screens were.

    Sad to say after giving them a much deserved chance, windows mobile failed miserably.

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    09-24-2015 07:03 AM
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