1. mcclouis's Avatar
    So after days of gazing the net for a case, i came across this case by tech21, looked like most other slim cases but i watched the video and it really got me intrigued, check it out

    Ive seen it for 40$ on ebay, abit deer but with this new "D3O", im convinced this would be a great choice for me.

    Also, im thinking of buying a pouch for it such as
    Nite Ize Clip Case Sideways - Windows Phone Cases
    Naztech Belt Gladiator Tough Pouch Holster Cover Case for Nokia Lumia 920 Phone | eBay

    Due to my occupation (trady) + a protective cover
    Nokia Lumia 920 Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG

    So what are your thoughts on this? Worth the investment?
    01-01-2013 09:06 AM
  2. Rudiepoo1's Avatar
    I've had my eye on this case as well. Just wish they had some other color options. I've actually been pretty happy with my current case but this looks like another quality option.
    01-02-2013 09:55 AM
  3. George Ponder's Avatar
    Nice case but I don't like how the Tech21's corners are more square than the corners of the 920. I'd be concerned that the case would give the 920 too much of a boxy feel.
    01-02-2013 10:39 AM
  4. HiViz Trader's Avatar
    I own a Nokia Lumia 920 Case - Impact Snap. A few days ago, my two year old son had my phone and while exiting the car dropped my phone. The drop was not even two feet and prior to making the purchase I had watched the "Impactolgy" videos and some videos featuring Jason Roberts (Tech21 CEO) throwing phones across the room. I thought to myself, I am glad that I bought that case. To my surprise I discovered that the screen had cracked. Surprised is an understatement. I am totally SHOCKED that the screen cracked. THIS CASE DOES NOT LIVE UP TO ITS CLAIMS! BEWARE!!!!!
    02-22-2013 08:29 AM

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