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    I continue to believe that the thing Microsoft need do is give the "fence sitters", aka, those millions that have no brand loyalty, a reason to own a Windows Phone. Nokia to their credit has made a compelling case with the Lumia 920 and its cameras' ability to shoot low light photos and stability with its video and the people have moved as a result. Not to mention it has a really good product with Nokia Drive, with its downloadable maps. It is too something people wanted and people have moved in that as well. Microsoft is doing its part by making the hardware affordable, also a good thing. So it really does come down to the application side of the house.

    I don't mean Instagram, TempleRun2, Flipboard available on other platforms, although those would be nice additions. I mean that killer application(s) that compel you to need a Windows Phone more than anything else. I expect those apps ARE on the way.

    I suspect after the earnings announcements from big M they have a good reason to continue to innovate so the best is yet to come. And despite those at Bloomberg and other navel gazers who feed and port this pablum continuously for no other reason than to get blog hits and to call attention to themselves, Microsoft does have time. Especially in the fickle US market. Its not over by a long shot. Just ask Apple.
    01-26-2013 10:52 AM

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