1. edhill86's Avatar
    hi all

    i have a wp8 device (htc 8x) and a w8 pc (asus zenbook ux21) at work i have to do presentations, and i just connect both to wifi and use an app to controller my pc via my phone, makes me look awesome and i get bonus points for being a smart arse,

    trouble is, i'm going away on ship with work and so won't have access to wifi, so the app i use pc remote, won't work, does anyone know of a way i can use my phone to control my pc, it doesn't need to be all dancing, just to allow me to click to next page on powerpoint (oh im using office 2013)

    any help you could give me would be great

    any more information that you need just ask and ill get it up

    02-17-2013 04:32 PM
  2. borist's Avatar
    Here you go!
    there is one app with bluetooth: Remoter
    and here is the server for the application.
    06-24-2013 07:45 PM

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