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    I recently ordered a pair of Nokia 360 speakers. One had a known defect where the Bluetooth button rattles so I was going to return them. Right before I was about to ship them back, I noticed that the Nokia JBL PlayUp's were available so I ordered them. I figured I would have both sets and I could compare the two. After the JBL's arrived I paired one 360 to my L920 and one PlayUp to my girlfriends L920 and played the same song. I found that the JBL was noticeably louder, not tons, but louder and the bass sounded a little better in the JBL. I personally think the 360 had an overall sound quality that was clearer.

    The winner: JBL PlayUp(was...)

    So the guys at work all wanted to see my new toy, and one of the guys wanted to battle my two JBL's against his BOSE Soundlink. Now to make a long story short (an hour on chat with Nokia) I found out this:

    "I have double check that one here and upon checking, that is not possible to link two JBL speaker just like your Nokia 360 do."

    So you CAN NOT pair two JBL PlayUps to work in stereo, ****, you can't even play both simultaneously! I was able to get them to both pair, but not both play music. Damn, the JBL's were pretty too.

    The winner: Nokia 360

    Now I have to send the rattled one in for an exchange and send the JBL PlayUp's back.

    What a bummer.

    02-28-2013 10:23 AM

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