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    I don't know if there are any other threads like this, but I thought we could help each other out to get more companies to make apps (and improve ones we already have) for WP.

    I would appreciate it if you guys could go to these links and click on the "+" button so these issues get more attention for Endomondo! You have to sign up first. PLEASE!





    Or you can badger them on their Twitter page.

    Also, if you could let Basis know that we want an app for their activity watch, that would be great as well. You can submit a request here or on their Twitter page.

    This is pretty much the only way anything is going to happen until we get a massive increase in marketshare. If it's too much work to do this, I understand, but if anyone needs help with signaling interest in other apps, I'd be glad to send emails, sign petitions, etc. So let me know what the deal is.
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    03-05-2013 11:34 AM
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    03-06-2013 10:40 AM

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