1. joat6979's Avatar
    So I just downloaded the last version of Skype in my 920. I sign in with my regular Skype Account and all I see is people from my phone contact list, but not the people from my Skype contact list. I even had to add manually on the app a contact I ALREADY HAVE on my regular desktop Skype contact list to chat with him.
    Is there a way to show my desktop contacts on my mobile version of Skype? I'm going mad! How come I can't see my regular contacts if I'm logged in with my Skype account?
    Thank you in advance.
    03-24-2013 03:13 PM
  2. HeyCori's Avatar
    Have you tried,

    People Hub > Settings (three dots) > Filter my contact list > Show contacts from: Skype

    Skype was updated last week with contacts now appearing in the People's Hub again.

    Skype for Windows Phone updated. Adds high definition video support and more | Windows Phone Central
    03-24-2013 03:29 PM
  3. joat6979's Avatar
    Yep, checked that thx, that's not the problem. I open my Skype app and all my phone contacts are there. But the regular contacts I have on my Skype account (which I can still see if I log in from my desktop Skype) are just no there, not in my mobile app.
    03-24-2013 03:43 PM

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