1. haruntr's Avatar
    Hello all.

    I bought my Lumia 920 2 weeks ago and i am really enjoyed it But i got problems with foursquare notifications. I downloaded 4th & mayor application but its notifications are not working and i cant even set its setting because of i got a screen like that.


    FW Version: 1232.5951.1249.1001 if neccesary, it says lastest

    Whats a registered phone means and how can i register my phone to activate notifications ?

    Also sometimes music player lags for 2 or 3 seconds while opening a song is that normal ?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.
    03-31-2013 04:22 PM
  2. travis_valkyrie's Avatar
    This has been going on for I think a month now, 4th & Mayor push notifications stopped working when I was still with my Titan, I figured it dropped support for WP7 devices so I got a Lumia 820, and it still won't budge. I emailed the dev a few days ago and sent him photos with that exact same screen as well as my device info, he hasn't hit me back an email tho.
    03-31-2013 04:58 PM
  3. haruntr's Avatar
    Thanks for answering , its a general problem then.
    03-31-2013 05:02 PM
  4. markfive's Avatar
    Don't forget that there is an official Foursquare app in the store now as well.
    03-31-2013 05:09 PM

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