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04-02-2013 11:58 AM
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  1. david90531's Avatar
    Definitely April fool. Not funny. Lol
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    Yet you laughed..
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    03-31-2013 11:18 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Yay!!!! I'm going to download it now... oh wait. Ummm.

    /exits thread
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    03-31-2013 11:27 PM
  3. david90531's Avatar
    Lol the second I clicked on the link I knew it was Apr fools.. I'd say it's pretty funny. For die-hard instagram fans this might not be so funny.. but don't be mad at MS cuz they didn't do anything lol
    03-31-2013 11:30 PM
  4. Ted Ritsick's Avatar
    This entire situation can be summed up by one South Park clip.
    03-31-2013 11:32 PM
  5. berty6294's Avatar
    This entire situation can be summed up by one South Park clip.
    I disagree

    03-31-2013 11:35 PM
  6. MikeSo's Avatar
    I'm just happy MS wasn't in on it.
    03-31-2013 11:35 PM
  7. baseballbert's Avatar
    Resetting my phone just in case it was fishy.
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    03-31-2013 11:40 PM
  8. squire777's Avatar
    This thread provided some great larfs!
    03-31-2013 11:55 PM
  9. nessinhaw's Avatar
    what if it rly is the app and Instagram is just trolling making it look like a prank? lol
    04-01-2013 12:43 AM
  10. ttsoldier's Avatar
    Could be another PR stunt.

    Not like anymore instagram hype is needed. :/
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    04-01-2013 06:27 AM
  11. slap0rama's Avatar
    lmao I fell for it
    04-01-2013 08:54 AM
  12. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    This is some kind of a sick joke.
    04-01-2013 12:08 PM
  13. ttsoldier's Avatar
    The "app" has been removed from the store.
    04-01-2013 03:12 PM
  14. hamzie11's Avatar
    that was fun :/
    04-01-2013 04:09 PM
  15. Lisa_Pinguo's Avatar
    April fool...I've tried to download but only found "The page you want doesn't exsit on this site".
    04-02-2013 12:48 AM
  16. TonyDedrick's Avatar
    Well Daniel here on WPC is now teasing something in regards to Instagram on the front page. Make of it what you want at this point
    04-02-2013 01:03 AM
  17. odoggyfresh's Avatar
    Well Daniel here on WPC is now teasing something in regards to Instagram on the front page. Make of it what you want at this point
    its too late for an April fools joke, right?!
    04-02-2013 01:11 AM
  18. ChMar's Avatar
    I don't believe it to be an official instagram app. I believe it's a 3rd party app that can post to instagram.
    04-02-2013 01:12 AM
  19. mehboobashraf's Avatar
    I dont think MS would make a Joke like this.

    Maybe it is coming.
    04-02-2013 01:13 AM
  20. CamiKitti's Avatar
    Lol, wow...
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    04-02-2013 01:18 AM
  21. ChMar's Avatar
    I believe someone reversed engineered the android version of the app and made the upload possible. If that is the case it remains to be seen how long will this be possible.
    04-02-2013 01:31 AM
  22. berty6294's Avatar
    Is this still happening lol
    04-02-2013 01:31 AM
  23. Mystictrust's Avatar
    its too late for an April fools joke, right?!
    Hmm.... lol, and what about Daniel's front page article when April Fools' Day began... the one with the following quote:

    "Let us just clear a few things up: if Instagram was about to come out, we’d surely know about it. Trust us. This is not it"
    What if his article on April Fools' Day about an April Fools' Day app that doesn't exist, was all an anti-April Fools' Day ruse? Or, Instagram-ception... the idea that a fake Instagram app was talked about ON April Fools' Day in an April Fools' Day post talking about an April Fools' Day prank seeded the notion that Instagram actually existed... and an invite for the real app came his way the very next day? Hmmm...'s late, I should go to bed ;) Just having some fun
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    04-02-2013 01:54 AM
  24. limoooooooo's Avatar
    @Mystictrust, exactly what I thought! Even when I first read the original article I thought "Does that mean they know something about the real app?"

    Imagine if WPCentral were the ones that planted the private app, just to create this "Instagram-ception"... ooohh...
    04-02-2013 02:03 AM
  25. JammyGitz's Avatar
    Never used it, don't know anyone who uses it. wtf is instagram anyway and what's the big deal over it?
    04-02-2013 08:54 AM
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