1. Endem's Avatar
    Really stuffed wit ups updating without informing me about what has changed. Isn't there an obligation to post the change log?
    04-01-2013 02:20 PM
  2. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    There is obviously not. We see all of the Nokia apps not getting change logs.
    04-01-2013 02:25 PM
  3. finiterex's Avatar
    There's no requirement to post change logs in store, nor do the developers have a requirement placed on them to keep change logs or indeed maintain any form of recognised development process. The resultant application code behaviours (functional) are what is governed by store rules.
    04-01-2013 02:53 PM
  4. ChMar's Avatar
    Don't be fooled. The periodic update cycles are in the 101 tips for marketing apps book. Once the app is installed in user phone you have to give him incentive to use it otherwise you gain nothing. Letting the impression that it has great support and the user comes first is achieved by periodically updating the app(does not have to be a real update) so users will update get curious and reopen the app.

    For web sites we have SEO tricks for apps we have other tricks to increase their visibility
    04-01-2013 03:06 PM

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