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    Anyone that has had Android may know what Im talking about. PicSay is a great photo app you can use to cut and paste pictures and create memes among other things. Awesome app. Is there anything like that available for WP? There are a lot of photo apps for WP, but honestly, they all do about the same thing. There is nothing that really resembles a real photoshop type app. Is it because its not able to be done or has no one just bothered not to create the app?

    I hope its not another limitation of this OS, but Im still surprised someone hasnt created an app like this (unless they have and Im not seeing it). People would love to have this app and I can see it being a real money maker. If I had skills, id try to develop it myself but I dont. Any dev that would create a photo editing app like this would have that market for this OS since no others seem to exist.
    04-06-2013 07:30 AM

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