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    Like many other community members, I too voted for ProShot in the finals of the Next App Star contest. It was a very tough competition and I congratulate Rudy for his well-deserved victory. However, I feel Microsoft could actually benefit by highlighting both apps in order to promote their platform. Both apps show the beauty and strengths of the WP platform. One shows how beautiful an app can look with the "metro" interface while the other shows how the camera's hardware capabilities can be utilized to the fullest.

    I just sent an email to folks at MSFT and from the reply I got, it looks like they are beginning to pay attention to ProShot. If you'd like to get folks at MSFT pay more attention to ProShot, tweet them about it. There are quite a few of them on twitter:

    And the developer of ProShot has a Twitter ID @RiseUpGames.

    Let them hear your opinion, and include hashtag #ProShotIsAlsoANextAppStar.
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    COOL! what they say i also agree and i would rather proshot win because any phone can go on wikipedia but no one has an app like pro shot that is also that feature packed and awesome!
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    04-10-2013 10:00 PM

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